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TradeSmith’s flagship product, TradeStops helps investors effectively and efficiently manage their investments. With powerful risk based tools, TradeStops, is designed to help you invest with risk parity. TradeStops can help you take the emotions out of investing and stick to your own investing strategy.

Ideas by TradeSmith is powered by sophisticated risk-based algorithms that allow you to gauge the markets, scan through investment opportunities and create custom screeners that combine both TradeSmith algorithms and traditional metrics.

Crypto by TradeSmith uses TradeSmith algorithms specifically tailored to help you navigate the volatile crypto world. This 100% math based software allows investors to track and risk balance cryptocurrency investments from various wallets in one cohesive space.

TradeSmith Decoder is TradeSmith’s first newsletter and investment news offering. You’ll receive daily analysis, a model portfolio, and in depth reports that can help to trade any asset class, including stocks, commodities, ETFs, options, even cryptos. And go anywhere on the planet where opportunity exists.

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