16,000 Financial Advisors Will Use AI for Stock Picking, But You Don’t Have to Wait

By TradeSmith Editorial Staff

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If you haven’t asked ChatGPT for investing advice yet, you may be in the minority, according to The Ascent.

In their survey of American adults, 54% of respondents had asked ChatGPT for financial advice about stocks to buy and how to save more money.

The catch is ChatGPT isn’t going to give you specific stocks and offers conservative, well-known advice, like the importance of diversifying portfolios and investing in blue-chip companies.

But where ChatGPT is lacking, we’re using our own AI to find stocks that are poised to make big jumps, like the one I’ll feature here today.

And for legacy firms like JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) and Morgan Stanley (MS), they’ve got to try to fill the void, too… or be left behind as everyone else enters a new era.

Both are building AI-powered investing tools for their financial advisors to help clients make more tailored investment decisions. JPMorgan is developing IndexGPT, which can select stocks and provide investment advice.

Morgan Stanley is creating an AI chatbot for its 16,000 advisors that can provide instant answers to their questions, pulling from the firm’s own research.

This is more than just another “hot trend” to jump on — it really does change the game for investment research, and JPMorgan and Morgan Stanley are no exception. AI can pour through data points and information and share its findings in the blink of an eye… information that would previously have taken countless hours to find, analyze, and make suggestions from.

AI can also quickly address specific investing goals as it weeds out irrelevant information to only bring you the opportunities you want. If a client wants to build portfolios around stocks that offer price appreciation, or stocks that offer income, the AI will draw up a list right away.

There’s no doubt that those who quickly tap into AI’s investing power are going to gain an advantage.

You’ll have access to information faster.

You’ll be able to make moves quicker.

And with an emotionless investing bot on your side, you’ll be able to kick FOMO (fear of missing out) and panic-selling to the curb.

But the thing is… you don’t have to wait.

We’ve already launched something that can bring you the latest advancements in AI investing now — our predictive AI software we’ve code-named An-E.

This breakthrough forecasting system can sort through millions of pieces of information in real time, making hyper-accurate stock price predictions…

Alerting us as to which stocks are poised to soar in the weeks ahead.

Just like this one I want to share now.

Prediction: Double-Digit Gains in Less Than a Month

Luxury retailer The RealReal Inc. (REAL) sells designer, preowned goods — like handbags, clothing, and jewelry from Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Prada.

Because these items are preowned, they won’t fetch as much as something that’s new, but that’s a plus for buyers, who are becoming more value-conscious. For the customer who wants to treat themselves but doesn’t want to pay an arm and a leg for designer products, The RealReal is turning into a must-visit platform.

As of January, the retailer had 28 million members and 30 million items sold.

But if you’re more interested in making money than designer handbags — like me — I wanted to share what An-E sees for the stock price over the next month.

By September 13, An-E predicts (please note that prediction is as of this writing) that the stock price will jump more than 20% higher.

And that’s why An-E offers such a powerful resource.

You no longer have to confine yourself to just buying and holding stocks or only using options.

You can use An-E however you see fit to make money from opportunities like this.

You can treat it like a source of monthly income, or you could continually roll it into new investments and build up your nest egg for retirement.

It’s up to you.

And in our basket of 3,000 trackable assets, you’ll see what to expect next for stocks most likely already sitting in your portfolio — like this one.

Bottom line: AI is not going anywhere in the investing world. We’ll be looking to make An-E’s predictions available to as many of our readers as possible, so you can tap into its power early and gain a crucial edge in the markets.