6 Stocks on Jason Bodner’s Moneymaking ‘Watch List’

By TradeSmith Editorial Staff

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We’ve all heard the old proverb, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

I’ve got my own variant.

When you’re in a “stock picker’s market,” turn to a stock picker for guidance.

And when it comes to stock pickers, TradeSmith boasts one of the true maestros – Jason Bodner, creator of the Quantum Edge trading system.

As we enter the year’s midpoint, I talked with Jason to get his take on “what comes next.” In the first part of our interview, he shared what he sees for stocks through a short-term, intermediate-term, and long-term outlook. Here in Part 2 of our talk, he tells us how to turn that insight into action.

And he gives us six stocks to put on our radar.

Keith Kaplan: You gave us the macro narrative yesterday and outlined your projections for stocks.

How should individual investors best take advantage of your predicted outcomes? What strategy should they use? What types of companies – and what types of businesses – should investors key in on?

Jason Bodner: The way my system works is to identify when big professional investors are moving unusual amounts of money into stocks.

When Big Money buys the best-ranked stocks, we hop on board. The beauty of this method is that it doesn’t matter what the company does or what sector it operates in.

What does matter is the company’s health: Does it make a profit? Are sales and earnings growing? Does it have low debt levels? Is there Big Money moving into it?

When we think in terms of those criteria, it doesn’t matter if the company makes microchips, cars, or mines for gold.

The easiest thing to remember is to focus on the best and leave the rest.

KK: How does your “Quantum Score” – and broader Quantum Edge System – contribute to this? Maybe mention a win or two you’ve generated for your followers.

JB: I spent decades and hundreds of thousands of dollars developing the system. In short – running a trading desk gave me access to the most successful professional investors out there.

What I did was to ask these pros what they looked for in a stock. I took in hundreds of qualifiers and ultimately whittled them down to 29 factors.

It is quite literally an artificially intelligent compilation of the best and brightest minds within investing.

These factors all roll up into one powerfully simple “grade” called the Quantum Score.

All you really need to know is if it’s between 70 and 90 it has got major upward potential. Seeing a Big Money buy signal on a stock ranked 70-90 is how I generate my massive winners.

A company called Trade Desk Inc. (TTD) was one in my prior investing service where my subscribers enjoyed an 11x gain.

In one of my services here, we’ve enjoyed a gain of more than 50% on Arch Capital Group Ltd. (ACGL) in just a few months.

There are many others, but those are just two quick examples.

KK: Any types of companies – specific sectors – appeal to you right now?

JB: The Big Money flows have been moving into tech. That’s why, in both of my services, we have a high concentration there. Chipmakers, semiconductors, and cloud stocks have been really hot this year, and our biggest gains in 2023 are coming from chipmakers and software stocks.

Oddly enough, we also had a big win on an insurance company.

But like I said before, it doesn’t really matter what the companies do. It only matters that they have the right scores and setup.

KK: Share a couple of names – a couple of stocks – that are on your watch list right now. What’s appealing about them?

JB: For me, it’s all about the company’s Quantum Score – and whether the shares are being bought in an unusual way.

So, if it scores well – and the stock is being accumulated – that’s what I care about.

For that reason, my ‘watch list’ might stay the same in a trending market, or switch around in a volatile one.

Some names that grabbed my attention with high scores are:
  • Copart Inc. (CPRT) 89.7.
  • Arista Networks Inc. (ANET) 89.7.
  • Axcelis Technologies Inc. (ACLS) 89.7.
  • Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) 89.7.
  • Monolithic Power Systems Inc. (MPWR) 87.9.
  • And Fortinet Inc. (FTNT) 86.2.
You’ll notice those are mostly tech stocks – aside from CPRT, which does online car auctions. Again, whatever cream rises to the top is what I care about.

KK: This is great stuff. Thanks, Jason.

JB: Thanks for asking me.

Editor’s Note: As a reminder, you can access Part 1 of Keith’s interview with Jason here.