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Designed to help take the emotion out of investing, our data-driven
software turns macro-trends into actionable insights.

Automated Buy & Sell Alerts

Our system will take the guesswork out of trading by alerting you when to get in and when to get out of any given stock.

Automated Buy & Sell Alerts

Multi-factor security brokerage sync

Position size calculator for your own portfolios

Asset allocation tool to balance your positions


Know precisely when to buy and when to sell.

TradeSmith’s flagship product, TradeStops helps investors effectively and efficiently manage their investments. With powerful risk-based tools, TradeStops is designed to help you invest with risk parity.

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Since the system signaled bear market I got out of red zone securities. But without that signal, I would have lost a lot of money.

Pramilia D.

TradeStops has brought us a new degree of confidence.

Douglas H.


Options-based opportunities without all the hassle.

Use pre-built screeners to find options opportunities based on probability of profit, return on investment, and more. Or build your own custom screener to match any strategy you follow.

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I have yet to have a losing trade following these recommendations!

Robert F.

I am averaging $5000.00 per week since early June. Keep up the good work with your recommendations.

Sterner X.

Overall, have gained $81.4k. I have made $28.8k on TSLA trades that are closed.

Patrick P.

I am up over $5000 overall in this trade in less than a month!


I’ve hit on about 80% of my trades. 1st place I go to get ideas or confirmation.

Joe O.


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The Quantum Score Adds Up

Jason Bodner’s proprietary system blends a technical and fundamental score to create a total Quantum Score that gives you Jason’s conviction level based on Big Money movement.

The Quantum Score Adds Up

Real-time analysis with market shifts

Actionable insights delivered daily

Plug-and-play portfolio tools

quantum edge Pro

Quantitative analysis from an expert you can trust.

Quantum Edge Pro uses quantitative analysis of the best stocks in the market to find the strongest performers – the best of the best – based on fundamental and technical analysis.

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My goal with this service is to help readers find a hidden edge to beat Wall Street and profit from “Big Money” stocks… those that the big banks want to keep quiet.
Jason Bodner
Jason Bodner

Editor, Quantum Edge Pro


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TradeSmith is the best-kept secret in finance and has been a light for me during an otherwise dark and concerning economic and geopolitically charged time.

Alex B.

Good way to generate income with low risk. You guys continue to be my critical source of information for personal finance management.

Doug W.

Thank you for all of your sage advice for navigating trades in this very volatile market. I have protected a considerable amount of my retirement by following your advice.

Jay S.

Your emails on the market conditions are the most honest, well written and hard-hitting financial news that I have ever seen. I have come to trust you guys above all else and truly believe there is not another service out there that is comparable. Best decision and money I have ever spent.

Mike W.

TradeSmith helps me ‘set it and forget it’. It takes the emotions out of trading so I don’t have to think about it every day.

Brad H.

I appreciate your company and your team more than I can even tell you. Without you, I would give up on the market.

Marilyn W.

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