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TradeSmith’s flagship product, TradeStops® helps investors manage risk, position size, portfolio volatility and more. All backed by secure, powerful algorithms.

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Sophisticated volatility-based algorithms track market health and identify stocks poised for breakout moves. Create your own stock-finders by selecting from over 64,000 screening combinations.

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100% math based Crypto tracking and alert system. With proprietary risk management indicators, the individual crypto investor can monitor their investments in one cohesive program.

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TradeSmith’s suite of powerful investment tools and in-depth research empowers the individual investor to take control of their financial future. Whether you’re just starting out on your investing journey or already a seasoned pro, your experience at TradeSmith will make you a better investor.

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"I truly believe that the TradeSmith family of products is essential to investing. I expect that major fund managers and investment advisers ultimately will make your product a mandatory part of their arsenal. However, it is the individual investor who will benefit the most from TradeSmith. These products elevate the level of knowledge available for the individual investor to that of a professional. There is no investor service which is more valuable than TradeSmith."



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