A New Way to Start Your Day and Trade

By TradeSmith Editorial Staff

Today, we’re starting a fantastic journey together. 

Our Chief Research Officer, Justice Clark Litle, has some very big plans for Decoder

He’s committed to taking our products at TradeSmith to a whole new level. 

And that means that Justice will no longer be writing TradeSmith Daily

Don’t worry. Justice isn’t going anywhere. 

He’s still out in the desert, bringing you the best insight and recommendations on the planet. I’ll check in with him a few times a week and get you his thoughts and actionable trades. But I can’t wait for the future of Decoder

Want the best trade ideas each day? Want to know the exact entry price you should target on top stocks? Ready to uncover can’t-miss trends brought to you through actionable data?

I’ll bring them to you. 

Now, I move at a little bit of a different speed. If you’re like me, you don’t want 1,000 headlines flying at your mind each day. 

You want trades. You want “buy and sell” signals. And you want to cut out all of the crazy noise. 

That’s what TradeSmith Daily is here to do each day. 

So, what do you say we get started with a great trade idea? 

Rules for the Road

We’re living in crazy political times. My advice: Ignore it. Instead of taking time today to rant about your preferred politician, why don’t you make real money from the trends instead? 

That’s what TradeSmith Daily will show you. 

You don’t need a Ph.D. in Economics to know that a wall of money is coming to the economy and the stock market. 

Big financial institutions and private equity firms have $3 trillion in “dry powder” sitting on the sidelines. 

They’ll be going on a buying spree soon.

Right now, Americans are receiving another round of stimulus checks worth $170 billion.

According to Deutsche Bank, U.S. investors will pour $2 out of every $5 in stimulus money into the stock market. Millennials will put in half of their stimulus checks, according to the same survey.

And there could be another $4 trillion in infrastructure spending by the government. We’re about to see a wave of money shower the economy and rebuild roads, bridges, tunnels, and electric vehicle-charging networks. 

Some people have compared this post-COVID world to the 1920s. I think that’s partially true. Add on the Federal Reserve’s accommodations, and we could also see something that resembles the post-World War II economy.

This is a perfect storm. If you do not own stocks in the months ahead, you could be left out of the greatest trade opportunities of your lifetime. 

So, how can we play this massive reopening and post-COVID trade?

It’s simple. 

We’ll use the cutting-edge tools at TradeSmith to help you select and manage trades without the hassle of paying money managers or spending hours finding the top stocks. 

No “2-and-20.” No paying someone else to do it. I’ll show you each day how you can find the best opportunities with TradeSmith (and if you still want TradeSmith Decoder, remember Justice is always here).

Finding the Right Buy

If you’re looking for ideas, the best place to start is by thinking about the products you use in your daily life. 

Better yet – think about what went away during COVID-19. 

Are you excited about that first family vacation? 

Can’t wait to go to a ball game or hop on an airline? 

What about going to your favorite restaurant or getting back to a movie theater? 

For great ideas, I did something simple. 

I entered the TradeSmith Screener and clicked on Consumer Discretionary Stocks.

That’s the sector with untold pent-up demand that could experience a “double wave” of capital. First, we could see investors rotate waves of cash into these beaten-down stocks of the last year in anticipation of consumer spending.

And – of course – we have the consumer spending itself. There are many of these stocks that took body blows over the last year. But if you’re a set-it-and-forget-it investor like me, then you just need to follow the signal and the trend. 

Right now, at TradeSmith, we track 63 Consumer Discretionary stocks – and an incredible 61 are sitting in our Green Zone. That’s a powerful signal of what our algorithms are projecting for the next two quarters. 

It’s a bullish time for hotels, travel companies, retail brands, casinos, restaurants, cruise lines, and automobile manufacturers. 

Of course, there can only be a few that you might want to buy. So, we need to dig even deeper into the strategies and the opportunities. With Ideas by TradeSmith, we’ll look to combine multiple signals to get an even stronger conviction on our picks. 

So – tomorrow, I’m doing something special. 

I’ll talk about one of TradeSmith’s favorite reopening stocks. It’s a stock that has emerged on multiple screens with multiple buy signals. 

Given the stock’s recent pullback and the significant upside from our models, our signals have pushed this into the Green Zone. 

We’ll talk about how to trade this world-beating entertainment stock on Wednesday. 

I hope you’re as excited as I am to start a new path at TradeSmith Daily