A Nvidia Pullback Is Not a Problem – It’s an Opportunity.

By TradeSmith Editorial Staff

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If it feels like everyone you encountered this year — from your mailman to your Uber driver — has brought up artificial intelligence (AI) in small talk, it’s not just anecdotal evidence that people are captivated by this technology.

It’s true that everyone is talking about AI.

According to proprietary data from our friends at LikeFolio, mentions about AI and its potential have skyrocketed a staggering 486% year-over-year.

And at the center of this buzz in the investing world has been one company — Nvidia Corp. (NVDA).

The leader in AI chips triggered an Entry Signal in our system on Feb. 21 when it was trading for $210 per share, and I covered the full details on March 2 about why Nvidia could have huge upside because of the emerging AI market here.

But when I caught up with Andy Swan from LikeFolio, he told me more recent signals are hinting that this burst of AI exuberance is losing a bit of steam.

It started when, after a period of rapid popularity gain, AI giant ChatGPT saw its first-ever user decline between May and June, according to data from internet analytics firm Similarweb LTD (SMWB).

And, for Nvidia, LikeFolio data found a 15% quarter-over-quarter drop in Purchase Intent mentions, which is LikeFolio’s consumer-facing demand metric.

This recent downturn in demand may be telling us that Nvidia’s shares could be in for a near-term stumble.

In fact, the LikeFolio team believes Nvidia’s shares could drop back as much as 15% in the short term.

That might not sound like “good” news if you’re an NVDA investor.

But when you have a long-term outlook, any dip in price is actually an opportunity.

The AI Superstar

Andy said that while we might witness a short-term dip in Nvidia’s stock price, the long-term forecast remains robust.

Nvidia is a clear front-runner among chipmakers for AI applications, having tinkered with artificial intelligence applications for decades.

Its chips and graphics cards can already be found behind some of the world’s most profound AI tech. We’re talking scientific breakthroughs like the James Webb Space Telescope and rapid DNA sequencing, made possible by Nvidia.

It blazed the trail for GPU-accelerated computing with a novel approach where the GPU takes on many of the intricate tasks typically handled by the CPU, making everything from AI to autonomous vehicles possible.

All this has positioned Nvidia as a vital player in the AI arena, with specialized technology equipped to manage the colossal amounts of data and computations needed for machine learning and neural networks.

There’s no denying it: Nvidia is a superb long-term investment opportunity.

If anything, Andy says that a pullback in NVDA’s stock price could be your gateway to investing in a leader in the AI revolution.

The firm’s dominance in AI, its trailblazing technology, and the escalating demand for AI applications make it a robust candidate for continued growth. And Nvidia is just one opportunity that is on the LikeFolio team’s radar.