A TradeSmith Case Study: Beating the Market With AI

By TradeSmith Editorial Staff

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A lot of today’s chatter about artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning is about “the future” — about AI’s potential, and the great things this technology can achieve.

Here at TradeSmith, we don’t have to wonder.

For us — and for you — that “future” is already here.

We’ve figured out how AI and machine-learning technology can deliver market-beating wealth.

With our newly launched Predictive Alpha Prime service, AI and machine learning are already racking up winners for subscribers. And as you’ll see in just a minute, we’re bringing folks some of those wins with a 24-hour turnaround.

The High Art of Finding Winners

In case you’re not familiar, we designed Predictive Alpha Prime to provide 21-day price forecasts for virtually any S&P 500 stock — as well as for many popular funds and ETFs.

We also designed it to be easy to use.

Unlike so many other trading services, Predictive Alpha Prime doesn’t handcuff you to your computer screen for hours. You don’t have to perch there watching the second-to-second price action and waiting to make your move.

With Predictive Alpha Prime, all you have to do is open your email when an alert hits your inbox, see the highlighted trades, and decide whether you want to make a move.

That’s it.

Little wonder we’ve seen overwhelming demand for this service. It’s the single most popular piece of technology we’ve rolled out in years.

Because of that, the window to get access to it closes tonight.

That’s why we want to highlight how it works by showing you a current double-digit portfolio winner and two profitable exit trades.

Because the power of Predictive Alpha Prime is truly remarkable: These trades can help you find a profit opportunity in 21 days or less.

Then you can take those proceeds, invest them in the next opportunity that Predictive Alpha Prime spotlights, and do it over and over again.

Viewed individually, those 21-day wins can seem bite-sized. But if you annualize each one — and then string them together — you’ll soon be talking big money.

It’s a way of stacking win after win and building a pathway to meaningful wealth.

Let me prove it to you.

One Current Double-Digit Winner

On April 26, a new stock was added to the Predictive Alpha Prime portfolio: Avita Medical Corp. (RCEL).

According to the American Burn Association, over 450,000 serious burns that require medical treatment occur in the United States each year. In some cases, previous treatments involved hours of operation and large donor skin samples.

But Avita has created a novel approach to this issue with a product that utilizes the regenerative properties of a patient’s own skin.

Its RECELL System allows health care professionals to use a patient’s own skin to regenerate the outer layer of natural skin, and it can be applied in as little as 30 minutes.

You can think of it like “spray-on skin” for the treatment of burns.

The company has a development pipeline to explore further use of its RECELL technology:

From 2021 to 2022, Avita increased total revenue by 4% and commercial revenue by 36%.

Looking ahead, CEO Jim Corbett expects FDA approval in June for the usage of the RECELL System for soft tissue repair and vitiligo, which he said would be “transformative” for the company.

On April 26, we recorded an entry price on RCEL of $14.25.

With RCEL trading at $15.95 around noon on Monday, that’s nearly a 12% gain in less than two weeks.

And even though Predictive Alpha Prime launched less than a month ago, our members have already cashed out of two winners…

In less than one day.

One Day, Two Winners

On May 4, John Jagerson and Wade Hansen, the investing experts responsible for selecting the best trades from our AI price predictions, recommended Alphatec Holdings Inc. (ATEC) and Aehr Test Systems (AEHR).

The very next day (May 5), Predictive Alpha Prime members were told to cash out of each position for gains of 6.80% and 12.86%, respectively.

Not a bad day’s work.

The takeaway here is clear: While the mainstream headlines and “experts” are speculating about the AI of tomorrow, TradeSmith is using machine learning and AI to funnel money into your pocket today.