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Best of: Most Stocks are Duds (But You Can Win Anyway)

Dec 24, 2019

Editor’s note: We come across a lot of research, and the study performed by Hendrik Bessembinder earlier this year was one of the most eye-opening we’ve seen. If you have a poorly performing stock in your portfolio, hoping it might make a comeback, here is some bad news: That comeback isn’t likely. Most “dud” stocks tend to stay duds. Not…

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Big Changes are Coming to TradeSmith Daily

Apr 01, 2021

A new day is dawning for TradeSmith Daily. Big changes are coming. If you’ve come to enjoy and appreciate the TradeSmith Daily format, the changes won’t be what you’re used to. But change can be a great thing — especially at the start of an exciting new chapter. Starting soon, all TradeSmith Daily broadcasts will be written in the Japanese…

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Big Tech is a Hot Mess, But Microsoft Floats Above the Fray

Nov 01, 2019

The world of big tech looks like a chaotic, bruising, conflicted hot mess right now. And then there is Microsoft, floating above the fray. The Redmond, Wash.-based giant not only vies closely with Apple for the title of “most valuable company in the world” — both of them have a trillion-plus in market cap — it seemingly skates through a…

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Buffett’s Silence Speaks Volumes as He Sits on a Mountain of Cash

Nov 08, 2019

When it comes to sky-high market valuations, Warren Buffett doesn’t have to speak. His mountain of cash does all the talking. “Sky-high” was the exact phrase Buffett used to describe market prices earlier this year. In spite of hoping to make an “elephant-sized acquisition” — another Buffett phrase — Berkshire’s Hathaway’s cash pile has swelled to a record-busting $128 billion….

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Bulls and Bears in the Casino Space

Oct 07, 2021

With people moving past COVID-19, I anticipate a big rebound in the gambling industry. But I have to know which companies have momentum and which do not. Today, I want to talk about a pair of stocks that represent each side of that coin.

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Buying Puts on Transport Stocks as a Protective Hedge

Oct 25, 2019

The U.S. stock market is in an uncertain place right now. The Dow and S&P 500 are not far from their all-time highs, but technology stocks are a mixed bag and small caps are well off their highs. Then, too, economic indicators are also a mixed bag. Some point toward optimism, but others are more gloomy, or even ominous. And…

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