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Has Bitcoin (and the Entire Crypto Space) Been Boobytrapped by Tether? No.

Feb 05, 2021

Did you dramatically increase your net worth in 2020, and book “life changing profits” while doing so? If not, you should consider TradeSmith Decoder, because at least one of our subscribers did (and possibly many more). We recently received a wonderful testimonial that illustrates what TradeSmith Decoder is all about: Helping people build real, life-changing wealth through the trading and…

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Healthcare Stocks Point To Your Good Health!

Jan 06, 2017

The healthcare sector has underperformed the rest of the stock market for most of this year … and particularly for the last six months. That could be changing soon … in a big way. The SSI chart on XLV, the ETF that tracks healthcare stocks from the S&P 500, tells the story … XLV literally started and ended 2016 right…

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Here Are Three Green Zone Stocks in the Banking Space

Oct 27, 2021

As I noted yesterday, banks trading at a price-to-tangible book value under 1 create interesting opportunities. Today, let’s look at three different banks that offer unique upside in the future and carry “buy” ratings in TradeSmith Finance.

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How a Retail Investor Army Went to Battle With a $12.5 Billion Hedge Fund — and Won

Jan 26, 2021

Ten or 20 years ago, the small retail investor was supposed to be afraid of hedge funds. To put it another way: In the old market ecosystem, hedge funds were the predators and retail investors were the prey. And the bigger the hedge fund — as measured by billions of dollars in assets under management — the more of a…

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How Cycles and Position Sizing are Connected

Nov 06, 2019

We’ve been talking about cycles for the past few weeks. You can get a refresher here: What Investors and Farmers Have in Common: The Enduring Power of Cycles The Lotka-Volterra Equations: Nature’s Ode to Boom and Bust The WeWork Implosion is a Spectacular Example of a Cycle Top (and Era’s End) Today, we’ll explain how cycles and position sizing are…

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Here are the Leading Sectors to Watch in the New Year

Jan 06, 2022

Looking at the fearless forecasts from some of Wall Street’s biggest investment firms, it’s anybody’s guess where the S&P 500 will close out 2022.

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Here’s a Different Way to Value Stocks and Find Great Buys

May 25, 2021

There’s another way companies can return money in the form of value: through mergers and acquisitions. By buying out smaller rivals or strategically aligned companies, companies can boost their enterprise value, and create new business lines and synergies that return larger gains over the long term.

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Here’s How to Guard Against Volatile Stocks and Soaring Inflation

Mar 08, 2022

Two of the biggest factors many people make assumptions about are the stock market and inflation. Your carefully laid retirement plans could be destroyed by a sour stock market and soaring inflation if you’re not very careful.

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Here’s How To Target Oversold Stocks

Sep 01, 2021

Yesterday, we talked about how to squeeze every single cent possible out of overbought long-term stock positions. But what about when the RSI is at 30 or under — a range we called “oversold?” Let’s dig in.

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Here’s the Right Way to Play Rising Oil Prices – Part One

Jun 02, 2021

Remember about a year ago when oil crashed? No one wanted oil. Supply was abundant with no demand. Fast forward just a year and oil is now in a raging bull market. But I’ve learned there are right ways to trade the rising price of oil and wrong ways.

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