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Signs That Market Sentiment Has Reached Dangerous Extremes (The Sequel)

Jun 10, 2020

On Jan. 24 of this year, we noted “Three Signs Market Sentiment Has Reached Dangerous Extremes.” Within four weeks of that broadcast, the stock market peaked, and one of the swiftest bear market declines in history followed. Now market sentiment is looking extreme once again. If anything, the new levels of euphoria make the January action look sleepy. We are…

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Speed Is the Name of the Lithium Game

Nov 01, 2021

The mining industry needs innovation. Luckily, there is one company, which I highlighted last week, that has answered the bell. Let’s talk some more about Standard Lithium.

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SSI Stock Investing in the Red Zone

Jan 10, 2017

Our mantra at TradeSmith is you’ll have the best chance for success if you invest only in stocks with an upward momentum that  aren’t in the SSI Red Zone. That is far and away the safest strategy to stay out of trouble for the majority of investors. But we realize that for many investors, there are valid reasons to hold…

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Stay In America If You’re Betting on the Casino Industry

Sep 22, 2021

Today, I want to explain why legendary short seller Jim Chanos is shorting Wynn Resorts (WYNN) and give you a much better pick if you’re bullish about the gaming industry.

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Stocks Could Retest the March Lows — Here’s Why

Sep 14, 2020

Believe it or not, there is a plausible scenario where the stock market sees a retest of the March lows before 2020 ends. It isn’t a far-fetched scenario, either. Though not the base case, another 30% or greater drop in the S&P 500 — and the Nasdaq — could happen before the year is out. If that sounds bizarre, well,…

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Stocks to Watch After Prime Day 2019

Jul 19, 2019

Prime Day has turned into the ecommerce version of “Christmas in July,” with discounts and deals as far as the eye can see. As shoppers log in and click their way to big savings, LikeFolio got busy analyzing consumer behavior to find out which retailers and device makers benefitted the most. Prime Day 2019 Sets Revenue Records Amazon reported that…

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Special-Situation Central: Activist Investor Activity in Colgate, Crown Holdings, and PayPal

Nov 28, 2022

Today, the team is going to share some activist targets. These are companies that large investors take a meaningful stake in because they believe that the company could be run better, and that with better performance, increased shareholder value will follow.

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