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What do you mean 2 VQ?

Nov 21, 2016

Last week’s article on doubling up on your winners seems to have struck a chord. After reading it, longtime subscriber Joe M wrote in and said, Just so you know, as I was reading this, I said out loud, “YES!!” That reaction rarely happens…. Thanks Joe! Joe wasn’t the only one that had something to say about our recent research. Phillip D….

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What Investors and Farmers Have in Common: The Enduring Power of Cycles

Oct 16, 2019

What do investors and farmers have in common? Their work is dominated by cycles. A farmer who does not understand cycles — the ebb and flow of the seasons, a time to plant, a time to harvest, and a time to let the ground lay fallow — will not remain a farmer for long. Investors, too, have much to gain…

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When Government Overreach Becomes Profitable

Oct 26, 2021

Senate leaders are proposing that banks report directly to the Treasury Department information on any bank account that has inflows or outflows of $10,000 or more. Critics cry that this is yet another effort by bureaucrats to poke their noses into citizens’ affairs. Me? I call it an opportunity.

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Why Corporate Treasury Departments Will Come to Embrace Bitcoin

Sep 29, 2020

MicroStrategy, a Nasdaq-listed company with a roughly $1.5 billion market cap, is the first publicly traded entity to embrace Bitcoin as a corporate treasury asset. But it won’t be the last. As of Sept. 15, 2020, MicroStrategy (MSTR) revealed it had purchased 38,250 Bitcoins at an aggregate price of $425 million, including fees and expenses. MicroStrategy had originally purchased $250…

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Why Silver is Taking Off Like a Rocket Ship — and Should Keep Going

Jul 24, 2020

In TradeSmith Decoder, we nailed the 2020 silver move thus far. And it looks like there is much more to come. We took a super-sized position in a bellwether silver ETF on March 23, two days after the low. Then we added a second leg (again substantially sized) on July 9, noting the upside move could accelerate. In addition to…

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Why the FANG Stocks Will Start Trading Like Commodities or Currencies, for Years to Come

Sep 18, 2020

Imagine a child’s favorite food is birthday cake. He loves it so much that his fondest wish is to eat birthday cake for every single meal. Then, in some Twilight Zone version of reality, his wish is granted. He gets nothing but birthday cake, for every single meal. Morning, noon, and night. At first this would be great. The kid…

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