Electric Vehicle Sales Trends in Europe Show the Insanity of Tesla’s Valuation

Dec 02, 2020

Tesla’s valuation is spectacular nonsense. Tesla is in a bubble — one of the biggest bubbles of all time — and when the bubble pops, overleveraged bulls are going to get killed. We have seen this over and over throughout history. Later this week, we will revisit the Great British Bicycle Bubble of 1896. To give you a sneak preview,…

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Europe is Facing a New COVID Nightmare (With Negative Implications for EUR/USD)

Mar 17, 2021

On Feb. 17, we said America is Winning the Vaccine Race. A month later that assessment has proven spot-on. While the United States administers more than 2 million shots per day, nearing 3 million, Europe is descending into a new COVID-19 nightmare. The situation looks dire in Europe, with a “third wave” of COVID now sweeping the continent. Italy has…

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