Cold Water Downgrades Thrown on Red-Hot TSLA Stock

By TradeSmith Editorial Staff

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As one player within the “Magnificent Seven,” Tesla Inc. (TSLA) has helped kick the “bull parade” into full gear – TSLA is up 130% so far this year.

But after a series of analyst downgrades last week that placed the stock on “Hold” status from “Buy,” it’s fair to wonder if we’re at a short-term top for the stock… and whether you missed out if you hadn’t invested at the start of the year.

That starts stirring up emotions, and we know that emotional investing leads to selling too early or buying high and selling low.

To counter that, we can turn to data and expert insight.

Specifically, we can turn to Jason Bodner, the inventor of the Quantum Edge investing system.

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After spending decades on Wall Street, Jason had the realization that if you could follow where some of the smartest and wealthiest “Big Money” players were putting their money, you could piggyback off their trades and create your own successful results.

Jason is able to do just that within his Quantum Edge investing system.

And because of the predicament folks may feel right now regarding whether they should be buying more TSLA, starting a new position, doing a bit of profit-taking, or waiting to see how things play out, I wanted to make sure you saw his insight.

Especially because something happened in Jason’s system with Tesla stock that he hasn’t seen since 2021.

Big Money Signals

Big Money has been pouring into Tesla stock since May 23, with 11 signals over the last month.

And one of the most recent “Buy” signals went off on June 20:

Some of the Big Money participants were buying shares at under $220, but you can also see five recent “Buy” signals above $240 per share… with that last signal occurring when Tesla was trading for $274.45 per share.

When Jason saw this data, he shared something significant – he hasn’t seen this type of Big Money inflow in Tesla since 2021.

Now, I understand that the stock is already up by triple digits this year.

But the takeaway here is that if Big Money is concerned about a significant pullback in the price of Tesla, they sure as heck haven’t been showing it in the last month. They are pouring more and more money into it.

And to reiterate what was said earlier… Jason hasn’t seen this level of Big Money inflow since 2021.

Also, Jason shared this bit of wisdom: Looking at how the stock is performing, do you think it’s better to bet against or bet with the Tesla stock price trend right now?

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Even if you feel Tesla is “overpriced” or “too richly valued,” Jason says betting against it at this moment is like standing in front of a moving bus and trying to get it to slow down all on your own.

It won’t turn out well.

Bottom line: The TSLA stock price has looked like a rocket ship this year, and it’s fair to wonder if it will start “cooling” off… especially after a round of downgrades. But as the data shows, Big Money isn’t afraid. And as Jason said earlier, you should consider if this is a stock you really feel comfortable betting against right now.