Don’t Miss This Wealth Window of Opportunity

By TradeSmith Research Team

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Don’t Miss This Wealth Window of Opportunity

The emergence of artificial intelligence is forcing a lot of people, companies, and even entire industries to completely rethink the way they operate. And most likely, we’re just seeing the tip of the iceberg.

That is, over the next five years, human-driven trading strategies (also known as “discretionary strategies”) will be increasingly replaced by quantitative trading strategies. These will use data and analytics to deliver better and more consistent returns than any discretionary strategy could.

And I say this as a top-ranked stock picker who has made a name for himself by regularly recommending multiple 10X stock winners every year.

Even I admit that quantitative strategies will replace me. No doubt about it. I’m humble enough to admit that.

But I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.

Instead, for over a year now, my team and I have used a custom quantitative system that uses the highest level of quant technology available to analyze stock data.

It has uncovered some of the market’s best investment opportunities… and in that time, one sector has consistently stood out.

Recently, we uncovered a new phenomenon within this sector that hinges on Washington and all the financial power it drives.

Indeed, for those of us in America, we’ve arrived at another presidential election year. A massive shift is coming. And folks in both parties – or neither – can agree that it’s likely to open a wealth window for investors.

I’m fully determined to get on the right side of this shift.

And I believe the federal government could provide a historic chance to create major A.I. wealth – but you’ve got to prepare for it right now…

Driving Gains in a Newly Uncovered Subsector

Since its launch, my team’s quantitative system has helped us to score huge gains for our subscribers. Of our last five closed positions…
  • Two more than doubled during the short time we held them.
  • Another two nearly tripled.
  • And one saw gains of 110%.
And it didn’t take us years to get there.

Most of those profits came in a matter of a few months. Some took just a few weeks. Needless to say, we are pleased with the results. It is a prime example of finding success in the Age of A.I.

But I’m not here today to brag about those gains.

I’m a big believer that complacency is the enemy of progress. The moment you get comfortable is the moment you stop progressing.

It is also the moment someone else passes you.

The same is true when developing quantitative trading strategies. The moment we stop developing bigger and better quant strategies is the moment A.I. will pass us by and render us obsolete.

I’m not going to let the machines win that easily.

So, while our system has been racking up big winner after big winner here in 2024, I’ve been busy working on a high-octane adaptation of this quant trading system.

The next evolution if you will.

I’m an expert in technology and quantitative analysis. And that’s why I’ve developed a proprietary quantitative model to help me identify these high-flying stocks as they begin to take off.

And that’s why, during Wednesday night’s briefing I discussed my top six plays for Washington’s “A.I. Blitz”… giving away one of them, completely for free.

This stock just flagged as a “Strong Buy” with huge short-term upside potential.


Luke Lango,
Senior Investment Analyst, InvestorPlace