How We Delivered This 347% Payday – Before Wall Street Got Wise

By TradeSmith Editorial Staff

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Moments like this give us a chance to catch you up on the latest recommendations by our experts — and their latest analyses — which is why I’m sharing a report from Derby City Insights Senior Analyst Andy Swan.

In Derby City, Andy and his brother Landon tap into the hottest slices of the consumer market, using consumer sentiment to find the products, services, brands, and trends that the big Wall Street investors haven’t discovered yet.

One of those under-the-radar opportunities is Celsius Holdings Inc. (CELH), a venture that transformed “healthy energy drinks” from a niche category into a full-blown market — an achievement that turned that tiny Florida company into a household name.

Walk into a store, pull open the drinks cooler, and you’ll find rows of Celsius flavors.

Social media buzz around Celsius has doubled year-over-year, according to the Swan brothers’ data — even as growth stagnates for its bigger beverage peers.

The stock has gone on to hit record high after record high — reaching $196.35 as of this writing for an astonishing 347% return.

And, in a recent report, Andy shared his secrets for finding quadruple-your-money winners like this… sharing “what’s next” for Celsius… and demonstrating how his team will bring you more winners — just like this.

That report is available here.