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Ideas Lab

Years in the making, the Ideas Lab makes some of TradeSmith’s most successful investment strategies just a click away.

  • Best of the Billionaires:

    Our algorithms sort through the portfolio of over a dozen of the world’s greatest investors and brings the best of their picks to your screen

  • Kinetic VQ:

    Our most popular strategy. Ever wonder what happens when a stock has a huge amount of stored volatility? Well, let’s just say it acts like a bit like rocket fuel for that stock

  • Growth, Value, Dividend Growers:

    Whether you’re a value investor or looking for growing dividends, we bring strategies to life that fit your own investing criteria

Market Health

Understand the health and direction of the stock market through the lens of TradeSmith’s proprietary algorithms.

  • Index Health:

    Ideas by TradeSmith applies VQ and SSI data at an index level giving you at top-down view of the health and direction of over 10 major indices.

  • Sector Health:

    Ideas by TradeSmith tracks the S&P 500 sectors through the lens of Ideas by TradeSmith powerful Volatility data.

  • Commodities:

    Energy? Metals? Grains? Now see which commodities are trending in a positive direction or are suffering from a downturn

Stock Finder

Use our proprietary stock finder to customize the investing strategy that works for you

  • Fundamentals:

    Select stocks with a strong Net Income, P/E ratio and large market cap to start.

  • TradeSmith Momentum:

    Now, find the stocks that are in the green zone with an up-trend. The trend is your friend, so capitalize on the stocks with healthy tail-winds.

  • TradeSmith Strategies:

    Now find which stocks fall across multiple strategies giving it a strong conviction factor. The stronger the conviction factor, the greater chance for success.

"I not only have made a significant amount of money with your ideas (think Kinetic VQ) while limiting my risk, I have learned a lot about myself. And this is after 30 plus years in the business running both my own B/D and multi billion dollar HF."

About TradesmithTM

TradeSmith’s suite of powerful investment tools and in-depth research empowers the individual investor to take control of their financial future. Whether you’re just starting out on your investing journey or already a seasoned pro, your experience at TradeSmith will make you a better investor.

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