Inflation Is Hurting Us All – I’ll Show You the Only Way to Beat It

By TradeSmith Editorial Staff

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“When what you hear and what you see don’t match, trust your eyes.”

Author Dale Renton

In March 2022, the annual inflation rate increased 8.5%.

I don’t know about you, but I’m seeing a lot more than an 8.5% increase on what I normally buy — and I have the receipts to prove it.

In Baltimore, I remember paying just under $3 per gallon of gas last March. Now I’m paying more than $4 for that same gallon. The price of gas was even more striking when I was speaking at a conference in San Diego last week, where I saw prices as high as $6.39 per gallon.

In the grocery store, meat feels like it has doubled and tripled in price, not increased by a nominal amount.

The same thing goes for the car market. Cars are supposed to depreciate in value the second you drive them off the lot. But because of supply issues and rising prices, a 2020 Tesla Model Y with 30,000 miles on it can sell for $1,000 MORE than a brand-new Model Y.

Mortgage rates? They’ve risen at the fastest pace in the last 40 years.

Furniture, electricity, women’s dresses… all of it is getting more expensive.

Even Netflix announced in January that it was raising the prices of its standard and premium plans.

We’re at a point now where people have to choose between keeping their monthly streaming subscriptions or having enough grocery money to put meat on the table at dinner.

For me, I hear what the inflation numbers are, but I also see how much more I’m paying in gas; I see how much more I’m paying in grocery bills; and I see the strain that widespread price increases are putting on the budgets of family, friends, and colleagues.

I trust what I see.

For our TradeSmith members, this brings up two important questions I want you to ask yourselves right now: How is inflation impacting you personally, and, most importantly, what are you going to do about it?

As an investor during a time like this, you can’t just go into cash, as it’s devaluing by the day.

You can’t cling to your stocks for dear life when prices crater.

And you can’t afford to panic sell and make risky moves that you’ll regret later.

This is about acknowledging the realities we are facing and relying on yourself to achieve financial security and peace of mind.

How do you do that? It starts with having a plan.

Earlier this week, I went on camera to talk directly to you, our TradeSmith Daily readers, about what is currently happening in the stock market, what I anticipate is going to happen, and how to prepare yourself for what’s ahead by developing an investing plan.

I shared how I personally use TradeSmith products to read the markets, identify opportunities, and choose how and where to deploy cash.

I hope you’ll take a few moments to watch — and when you’re done, let me know what you think.