Three Stocks to Trade Like the Billionaires

Apr 09, 2021 Investing Strategies

On Thursday, I told you a unique way to invest like Warren Buffett.

You know the Oracle of Omaha. You know the $100 million fortune he amassed. And you know the Woodstock of Capitalism will happen in May.

You might not know that TradeSmith lets you invest like many other billionaires who have amassed their fortunes – in far less time.

That’s right. You can replicate the portfolios of leading money managers… without paying a premium price.

You don’t have to fork over your net worth to a fund manager. You can also avoid paying a 20% performance fee and a 2% management fee each year to a person whose odds of beating the market is a coin flip.

Instead, we track the top positions of billionaire investors with our cutting-edge technology. Then, our algorithms provide you with the conviction to know what to buy and at what price.

It all starts with the Green Health Indicator Zone and our Best of the Billionaire’s portfolio.

Let’s look at three companies that have just moved into the Green Zone and appear ready to lift off.

Billionaire Buy No. 1: MetLife (NYSE: MET)

Billionaire investors and hedge fund managers love a solid growth-and-income story.

MetLife doesn’t operate in the world’s most exciting industry. Its primary business is insurance. It specializes in annuities, employee benefits, and global asset management.

Sure, it might be boring, but billionaires don’t care. MET stock charged higher in 2021, and it looks to combine a solid blend of growth and value upside. It’s also a key position for billionaires Andreas Halvorsen and Lee Ainslee.  

MetLife provides further upside in today’s economic environment.

It currently sits in the Green Zone and remains in a solid uptrend, signaling strong momentum for the stock. Conviction is high in MetLife.

Shares have a potential upside of $70 or more in the months ahead.

Billionaire Buy No. 2: Icahn Enterprises (IEP)

Warren Buffett’s name certainly rings out on Wall Street.

But there is historically no greater corporate raider than Carl Icahn, the man behind the powerful U.S. conglomerate Icahn Enterprises (IEP).

Icahn has long established himself as an activist hedge fund manager. He will purchase enough stock to secure seats on corporate boards, move to effect change, and turn around struggling organizations through intelligence and sheer will.

Icahn Enterprises entered our Green Zone, and it remains supported by a momentum uptrend. An improved economic climate, robust spending, and higher energy prices are all bullish for this conglomerate.

That’s because the company owns a cash-rich portfolio that includes large stakes in firms like Occidental Petroleum Corp. (OXY), Herbalife Ltd (HLF), Cheniere Energy (LNG), Newell Brands (NWL), Cloudera (CLDR), and Xerox (XRX).

Icahn himself bet big on his firm in his most recent quarter, adding 3.82% of IEP stock to his firm’s holdings. We’ve also seen a lot of buying recently by fund managers around the $58 level, signaling that today’s price is quite attractive.

Billionaire Buy No. 3: Exxon Mobil

Look in the news today, and you’ll see Exxon Mobil (XOM) is engaged in an aggressive five-year plan to slash debt and overhaul its operations. Its rival, Chevron (CVX), received multiple downgrades, including one from Goldman Sachs.

Also, Exxon may soon engage in buybacks to boost its stock price. It turns out that multiple billionaires are betting on the stock. These include famed investor John Paulson, who added new positions in Exxon and various other energy stocks.

Lee Ainslie of Maverick Capital is also a significant shareholder. So too are Andrew Law, Louis Moore Bacon, Clint Carlson, Richard Pzena, and Richard Chilton. Adding to the favorable fund manager position, corporate insiders have been buying up the stock over the last two months.

Exxon Mobil recently flashed its positive signal in the Green Zone and displays a solid uptrend.

Under $57 per share is a unique opportunity based on TradeSmith’s conviction.


At Tradesmith, I’m looking for solid conviction opportunities for readers and investors who are serious about using data, risk management tools, and smart indicators. Our Ideas by TradeSmith identify an array of different strategies that can provide significant upside.

Best of the Billionaires (part of Ideas by TradeSmith) gives you access to the “Smart Money” strategy without the 2-and-20 fees attached. Check it out for yourself.

Next week, I’m going to answer a very common question that I receive about TradeSmith. If you read financial research or look for trade ideas on television, you’ll need to read this article.

 I’d love to hear from you about this new direction I’ve taken with TradeSmith Daily. If you have any comments or feedback, please send them to [email protected].I look forward to more dialogue and more ideas.

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