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Jun 03, 2023 Educational

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There’s a saying in football that offense wins games but defense wins championships… And, when you think about it, that’s a great way to think about investing, too. You have to have a good offense — investing in the right companies and making the right options trades — in order to generate the returns you need to pay off debt, build up your nest egg for retirement, or support your kid’s or grandkid’s college fund. But it’s all too easy to let bad investments slip into the mix: to be tempted by stocks that seem like sure things or a quick way to make a buck — but have hidden flaws that could endanger your portfolio. Make sure that these “Trojan horses” don’t breach your walls this year…
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Back in January, LikeFolio included superchip player Nvidia (NVDA) on its list of favorite stocks for 2023… And co-founder Andy Swan admits the company “took a little bit of heat” for that call. After all, techs had enjoyed a big run, were falling out of favor, and there wasn’t a clear new catalyst that would re-ignite the stock. Nvidia is now up 168% year-to-date in a rally punctuated by a stunning earnings beat that vaulted Nvidia into the select “trillion-dollar club” by market value. But for most investors this year, Nvidia-style wins have been the exception, not the rule. So how can you spot the real breakouts — the rallies with real staying power? Andy and Landon Swan are sharing their secret to spotting the “next Nvidia” right here…
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AI is an emotional topic. And it’s easy to see why. The technology is complex… and the potential ramifications are more than a little scary. AI proponents see the benefits of pushing our society ever deeper into technological bliss. For them, AI can only help make our lives better. But then there’s the other camp — the naysayers. They worry about machines taking their jobs. Or Deep Fake communication powered by AI that’s too good to be recognized as counterfeit. Jason Bodner’s not here to take sides in the AI debate. He’s focused on making AI work for him — and for you — to make more money. And he’ll show you how…
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