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Jun 10, 2023 Educational

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Apple Inc. (AAPL) has a history of launching game-changing products that people are willing to stand hours in line for. In fact, back in 2007, one man waited 110 hours for the original iPhone launch. But demand for its products is starting to look a little sluggish, which is why there is a lot of hype around the company’s new “mixed-reality” headset. Will this help Apple regain some of its magic and be a boost for the stock price? Or is the company just releasing a fancy gadget that will set you back $3,500? Quantum Edge Pro Editor Jason Bodner has the answer…
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At kitchen tables across America each morning, folks are sharing their concerns. Concerns about credit card debt. Concerns about losing their jobs. Concerns about the prices of groceries not coming down. And concerns that a possible recession is going to be a lot worse than the rosy “soft landing” the Federal Reserve has been painting. But if you are ready to throw in the towel, make sure you read this first. Because over the last 100 years… it has paid to stick it out through tough times…
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It’s never a dull day in the cryptocurrency space, and this week was no exception. The SEC is suing Coinbase Global Inc. (COIN) for allegedly violating securities laws by acting as an exchange, broker, and clearing agency without registering with the SEC. The news sent the stock price down over 13% by mid-day Tuesday. Our friends at LikeFolio have been following the crypto market — and helping make our readers money from it — for a long time now. And they immediately put out a report to let you know their outlook on this situation…
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