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May 27, 2023 Educational

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At the start of the year, the LikeFolio team picked five stocks that appeared “oversold” according to their proprietary metrics — in other words, stocks they believed were trading well below their true value. Five months later, three of those stocks have posted hefty gains, and one is up 70%. If you’re hoping to replicate that kind of success with your own stock picks, you’re in luck: They just shared the checklist they used to identify these outperformers…
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In an attempt to protect their portfolios from the unpredictable thrashings of the stock market, many investors have redirected their cash to two strikingly different “safe haven” alternatives: gold and Bitcoin. Both assets have witnessed large investor inflows in 2023, but the question remains: Which is the better hedge against stock market declines? Our in-house income expert Wade Jansen tells you exactly what you need to know in just six minutes…
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In his past professional life as a Wall Street broker, Jason Bodner facilitated the market-moving trades of the rich and powerful. In other words, he watched just how the whales make waves in the market that the rest of us have to swim in. Jason no longer works for these power players, but he took what he learned from one particular experience behind the trading desk to create his Quantum Edge system — a system that keeps tabs on what Big Money is buying so that everyday investors can have an edge…
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