How to Create Portfolios – CSV Import

Dec 13, 2021

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There are three ways that you can set up your broker account on the TradeSmith Finance site.  You can:

  • Link to the Brokerage
  • Add Manually
  • Upload from a .csv file

This article explains how to upload a .csv file from your broker onto TradeSmith Finance.  Once you are logged into the site, go to My Portfolios | Manage | Add Portfolio.


Next, select Upload CSV File.


Click to upload your file and then select your source file.


Once you have selected your file, click Import & Preview.


Many times the file your broker provides you is going to have more information than you need, so you will want to preview the file first so you can select the desired data for import.  When previewing the file, you would look at rows and columns.

  • Rows – Remove any rows that do not contain the data you want to import.   You only want to keep rows that have the data you are importing, such as symbols, shares, etc.   In the example below, you will notice, we de-selected the first 3 rows.  We also deselected the row for INOV as that symbol was Delisted.
  • Columns – You would only import columns that have the data you need, such as symbols, shares, entry date, etc.   To designate columns you want to import, you would click the drop-down at the top of the column and select the label for the data the column contains.  In the example below, we are just importing Symbol and Shares.

Once you have selected all your data, click Next.


You will then need to specify whether you want to add this imported data into a New Portfolio or Existing Portfolio.   If you select New Portfolio, you will need to give your portfolio a name.


Finally, you will click the button to Finish and Import Data.


*Note – The tabs and features you see on your TradeSmith Finance site will vary based on subscription(s) and subscription level(s).  Pictures in our Education Center articles are taken from a TradeSmith Platinum account.