How to Duplicate a Portfolio

Oct 26, 2020

Sometimes, it can be helpful to duplicate your portfolio.

This is helpful when researching new investments for your portfolio.

Duplicating a portfolio in TradeSmith is easy.

First, go to the Manage area of My Portfolios.

manage tab
Next, select if your portfolio is Investment or Watch Only.

You can see in our screenshot above that we were looking in our Watch Only portfolios. “Watch Only” is highlighted in gray.

Your portfolio list will appear.

portfolio list
Take note of the little triangles to the left of your portfolio name.

Click the triangle to make a option list appear.

menu options
Then, simple click “Duplicate Portfolio” to create a copy of that portfolio.

This makes a pop-up menu appear.

duplicate pop up
Fill out the pop-up menu, click save, and you’re done.