How to Edit Alerts

Oct 27, 2020

At some point, you may need to edit an alert.

You might have entered something incorrectly or just want to change something.

Editing alerts is easy.

You’ll do this on the Position Card Page.

click a ticker
Click a ticker from the Positions page to be brought to the Position Card Page.

Remember, the Position Card Page has several tabs. We’ll want to click the Alerts tab.

alerts tab
In our example above, you can see we’ve set a VQ trailing stop. If we’d want to edit this alert, we’d click the little pencil icon. It’s the icon to the left of the trash can.

This opens an edit window.

edit alert
Here, we could change the VQ trailing stop to a custom trailing stop and change the start date.

Once we’ve made our edits, we’ll click Save.

The alert is then edited.