Timing by TradeSmith: Calendar

Dec 07, 2020

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The Calendar page will show you Peaks and Valleys for your portfolios.

To access the Calendar, click the Calendar tab in the menu.

There’s a lot of information on this page, so we’ll take it one step at a time.

In the upper left of the page, we’ll select our portfolio.

Click the drop-down to select your portfolio.

You may notice that it appears as though you can only select groups of portfolios.

To select an individual portfolio, click the little blue triangle to the left of All Investment, All Watch, Newsletters, or TradeSmith Baskets. This will show a list of individual portfolios.

After you’ve selected a portfolio, look to the right side of the page.

You should see the timeframe and Filters.

Go ahead and select your timeframe and then click Filters.

The filters will let you filter you portfolio’s assets based on:

After you’ve selected your filters, click Apply Filters.

The Calendar then displays for your portfolio.

On the left side of the Calendar is the ticker information.

You can click the ticker to be brought to the Analyzer page for that position.

The Health column tells you if your position is healthy (green), correcting (yellow), or stopped out (red).

To the right of this, you’ll see predicted peaks and valleys.

If Peak or Valley is colored in, that means the position is currently in that state. For example, BCE was currently in a Peak at the time of this writing. BTC/USD was in a Valley.

If Peak of Valley isn’t colored in, that means a Peak or Valley is coming. For example, Valley was coming for NKE at the time of this writing.