Trade – CoPilot Watchlist Tab

Dec 23, 2021

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The CoPilot Watchlist tab under Trade shows the top option matches for the CoPilot Watchlist.

On this tab, you have several options to select and filter the data.   We will review these options below.

The Basket on this page is defaulted to the CoPilot Companion.   You can click the Basket Management link (1) if you would like to view the basket and/or add positions to the default basket.

You can choose if you would like to view your results in Tile or List (2) format.

You can also Filter (3) the results on this page.  Your options to filter the page are shown below:

To the top right, there are buttons to print (4) or export (5) your results.


*Note – The tabs and features you see on your TradeSmith Finance site will vary based on subscription(s) and subscription level(s).  Pictures in our Education Center articles are taken from a TradeSmith Platinum account.