Trade – Options Screener

Dec 23, 2021

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The CoPilot Options Screenr tab under Trade can be used to find options trades using filters that you choose to best meet your needs.

On this page, you can either create your own screener or use one of the default screeners we’ve created.   If you save any screeners they will also appear here.  Clicking on a saved screener will take you to the screener results.

If you would like to create your own screener, you would click New Screener.  Here is what the page will look like after clicking the New Screener link.

When you run the Options Screener, you must select a Source (1).   You can choose to have your results include Underlying Assets, Options or Both (2).

We have loaded default filters for you, but you can click the Manage Filters link (3) for additional filters if you would like to add more filters.   If you click the Manage Filters Link, the below pop-up will appear.  You can select your additional filters and then click Save & Close.

Default Filters:

  • Health (4), Trend (5) and Entry (6) of the Underlying Asset
  • Options Strategies (7)
  • Days to Expiration (8)
  • Probability of Profit (9)
  • Margin ROI (10)
  • Open Interest (11)
  • Option Trade Type (12)

You can use as many or as few filters as you wish when you run the screener.    For example, if you run a broad search and want to narrow your results you can then add additional filters to do so.

You can select how many results you would like to see and how you would like them sorted (13) before running the screener.

Lastly, you can save your filter or run the screener (14).  If you save the filter it will be available under the saved filters the next time you open the screener.

*Note – The tabs and features you see on your TradeSmith Finance site will vary based on subscription(s) and subscription level(s).  Pictures in our Education Center articles are taken from a TradeSmith Platinum account.