TradeSmith Value Vs. Brokerage Value

Dec 13, 2021

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When you are viewing your portfolios on TradeSmith Finance, you may notice thatwe show both TradeSmith Value and Brokerage Value.  One place you will see this is under My Portfolios | Manage.

These two values may differ.  Please see below for the definition of these two terms:

  • TradeSmith Value – We add the value for all securities tracked within TradeSmith Finance.  We calculate the value using this formula:  Latest Close Price x Shares + Cash.
  • Brokerage Value – This is the value that we receive from the Broker when we synchronize your account.

So why are they different?  There could be several reasons:

  • You are holding securities we are not able to track (such as bonds).
  • TradeSmith Value is based on latest close.  If the Brokerage Value uses intraday prices, it woud show the value from the Broker at the time of synchronization.
  • You have just recently sold or purchased a position and TradeSmith Finance has not yet updated.


*Note – The tabs and features you see on your TradeSmith Finance site will vary based on subscription(s) and subscription level(s).  Pictures in our Education Center articles are taken from a TradeSmith Platinum account.