Macro Consumer Insights to Watch in 2022 from LikeFolio

By TradeSmith Editorial Staff

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Today is the final installment of our 2022 Editors’ Roundtable, and our editors today need no introduction if you’re a regular reader of TradeSmith editorials. Our friends Andy and Landon Swan are the co-founders of LikeFolio, a company that uses a proprietary algorithm and an exclusive agreement with Twitter to bring their customers unique consumer demand insights that they can’t find anywhere else.

Andy and Landon didn’t set out to become a leader in tracking consumer behavior around brands through social media. But when they discovered their unique concept for analyzing and understanding consumer behavior — something so applicable to the market — they couldn’t walk away. LikeFolio isn’t just something they “believe in.” Their data is accurate, and they have the proof to back it up. It’s why they’re so confident in the recommendations they make — and why their readers recognize the value LikeFolio delivers.

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Thank you for tuning in to our 2022 Editors’ Roundtable this week. I hope it has been informative and that you’ve walked away with some exciting ideas for the coming year. I’d love to hear your feedback or questions; which idea are you most interested to hear more about as we move into 2022? I can’t respond to every email, but I promise I read them all!