Nvidia Isn’t the Only AI Stock in Town

By TradeSmith Editorial Staff

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Much like you think of Tesla Inc. (TSLA) when you hear the words “electric vehicles” or you think of McDonald’s Corp. (MCD) when you hear “fast food,” Nvidia Corp. (NVDA) has become synonymous with artificial intelligence (AI).

And for good reason.

Its super-advanced chips are used to power everything from chatbots to even Tesla’s self-driving training systems.

The stock price has done nothing but race higher, opening the year at $148.51 per share and recently opened at $490.44.

Our friends at Derby City Insights were all over this opportunity, as their MegaTrends subscribers had a chance to start a position in Nvidia when it was under $130 per share… and make 262.34% in under a year.

Over the long term, Derby City Insights Senior Analyst Andy Swan still thinks Nvidia will be a massive moneymaker for shareholders.

“There’s no denying it: Nvidia is a superb long-term investment opportunity. If anything, a pullback in NVDA’s stock price could be your gateway to investing in a leader in the AI revolution,” Andy said.

But the thing is… Nvidia isn’t the only AI stock in town… and it’s not the only opportunity on Andy’s radar.

This Company’s AI Knows What You Want Before You Do

When folks are bingeing their favorite legal drama for the thirteenth time, what they might not realize is that a rapid auction is taking place behind the scenes to decide which marketing ad they are going to see next.

These auctions happen in a matter of milliseconds and leverage incomprehensible amounts of data to feed you just the right ad at just the right time.

That moment when you’re chowing down on your favorite snack and an ad for that exact brand pops up?

That’s what I’m talking about here.

With massive user bases and a captive audience, streaming platforms like Roku Inc. (ROKU) are a goldmine for this company.

Some of the most bullish analysts are predicting the stock price will climb over 30% in the next 12 months, and that may even be too conservative of an estimate.

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