One Way to Make Money from the World Cup That Isn’t Called Sports Betting

By TradeSmith Research Team

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During Friday’s 2022 FIFA World Cup matchup between Brazil and Croatia, millions of impassioned soccer fans watched in awe as their beloved No. 1 ranked Brazilian national team was taken down by its relatively small Croatian rival.

As the biggest upset of the tournament so far was coming down to a penalty shootout, another head-to-head was going down in the cryptocurrency realm – this one, between the Brazil National Football Fan Team Token (BFT) and the Croatian FF Fan Token (VATRENI).

The game started at 10:00 a.m. with the BFT price at 28 cents and the VATRENI price at 61 cents.

Less than three hours later, by 12:50 p.m., Croatia had scored its fourth penalty goal, the BFT token price had plunged 70% to 8 cents, and the VATRENI token had surged 55% in the other direction, finishing the game at 95 cents.

The BFT and VATRENI are just two examples of a new kind of crypto called fan tokens. And while a catalyst like the World Cup can send prices higher, fans have reasons to own these coins well after a final game is played because of exclusive perks.

These fan tokens tap into the “it” factor that all the most successful cryptocurrencies have in common: a massive community of followers.

We’re talking 3.5 billion built-in fans in just one slice of this global market.

Even better? This sector is still in its infancy.

It has a total market cap of just $287.6 million (compared to a sector like DeFi at $41.5 billion), yet some of the top coins in this sector are way outperforming the rest of the market.

Before “The Great FTX Collapse of 2022” rocked crypto prices en masse, some of these tokens had racked up 153%, 283%, and even 438% gains in 2022.

Even after the carnage of FTX’s fallout, those same top-performing fan tokens are up 62%, 87%, and 108% year-to-date.

And that means the investors who recognize this sector’s potential early on (meaning YOU) will have a chance to claim the biggest slice of the pie.

Being early to a trend in crypto can mean the difference between a modest return and a 1,000x return…

To your massive success,

Joe Shew
Joe Shew
Senior Crypto Analyst, TradeSmith