Ideas by TradeSmith

With thousands of stocks and ETFs to choose from, Ideas by TradeSmith is here to help you find the best places to start when picking new investments for your portfolio.

Check the Market Health Indicator to find the healthiest markets and sectors. Then drill down using our proprietary screeners to find the stocks with the most conviction and best odds of success.

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Ideas by TradeSmith Basic

Find your next favorite investment by letting our algorithms do the work. Use four proprietary, back-tested strategies to find stock ideas that mesh with your personal investment philosophy. Then measure them against the others to find the ones with the most opportunities, giving them the highest chance at success. You can also get an at-a-glance look at the health of the markets, sectors, and commodities and then drill down to find the healthiest opportunities in the healthiest areas of the market.

Ideas by TradeSmith Premium

Get all the benefits of our stock-finding Ideas software and rev up your search results by adding three additional proprietary screeners including our Best of the Billionaires strategy. You’ll also get access to our Pure Quant portfolio building tool to find the best of the best from all the stocks TradeSmith tracks and build a risk-balanced and diversified portfolio in just a few minutes.