Roundtable 2023: All 7 Insights You Missed Last Week

By TradeSmith Research Team

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If you’ve somehow forgotten to tune in to TradeSmith Daily this past week, you missed out big time.

We just concluded our 2023 End-of-Year Roundtable, an annual event where all the brilliant minds that make up TradeSmith give their take on the year behind… then look forward at what’s to come.

It’s always fascinating to bring together seven different analysts – often day-and-night different in their approach, but all at the top of their game – and have them all work together to direct you on what to do with your money in 2024.

As for 2023? It’s New Year’s Eve, and I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to call it.

This year will be a quiet celebration. I’ll be at the beach with my fiancé and my dogs and a bottle of champagne, waves at our back and our eyes toward the city of Delray Beach, scouting for fireworks as we make big plans for the year ahead.

To that end, today’s TradeSmith Daily will be a short but oh so sweet recap of the year’s Roundtable, delivering all the key insights in one convenient place so you can refer back to it throughout the year.

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Roundtable Recap: 7 Days of Big Investing Ideas

TradeSmith CEO Keith Kaplan kicked things off for Day 1, introducing our Roundtable guests and sharing his own advice for 2024.

Keith’s big takeaway is that volatility is here to stay, whether stocks are trending up or down. To make the most of next year, it won’t be as simple as blindly buying and holding. You’ll have to keep risk at the top of your mind.

Setting stop losses on your positions, knowing when an uptrend turns into a downtrend, and understanding how much capital you should put into any one position. That’s Keith’s focus, and these are key techniques to maximize each investment by removing emotions from your process.

Click here to check out Keith’s Roundtable video.

TradeSmith Decoder editor Justice Clark Litle reflected on “the strangest year in market history.”

It’s difficult to summarize just how much went on in the financial markets and the wider world in 2023. A quickly contained banking crisis, the remarkable A.I.-driven recovery, and a shock-and-awe war between terrorist group Hamas and Israel are just a few history-making events.

Justice has done a great job navigating these treacherous waters for his readers, making great calls on gold stocks and short-side trades for his readers. More than anything, Justice expects a recession and a difficult market in 2024.

Get the full story from Justice in his Roundtable video right here.

Our resident income expert and editor of Ultimate Income, Mike Burnick, found 2023 to be a challenging but ultimately rewarding year.

In his premier strategy, he was able to draw more than $9,000 in additional income for his readers – in spite of and sometimes even because of market volatility.

Mike believes some of the beaten-down sectors in 2023 – think financial and health care stocks – will surprise investors in 2024. Meanwhile, he thinks the mega-cap tech trade has likely run its course… along with a healthy dose of volatility.

You should look closely at the health care space for deals, as that and other sectors play catch-up.

Hear exactly what Mike’s watching for 2024 in his Roundtable video, right here.

Jason Bodner, ever the rational optimist, took a decidedly bullish tone on 2024. But only so long as the data backs it up.

2023, volatile as it was, wasn’t too challenging for anyone following Jason’s Big Money Index – a 10,000-foot view of the institutional buy-and-sell signals that Jason tracks. It helped his readers escape before the big drawdown in August, and it told them to buy again at the tail end of October.

In other words, if you’ve been following Jason, you’ve been living the investor’s dream. (And if you haven’t, be sure to tune in and see what you’ve been missing.)

Jason has plenty on his mind as we enter 2024, including the top stock sectors that investors should buy and avoid for the year. Click here to check out his Roundtable video and get the full details.

William McCanless, editor of Trade Cycles, is a trader at his core. And that makes him thrilled for the year ahead.

In our phone interview, William told me his Trade Cycles strategy handed readers plenty of big winners since it launched earlier this year – trading both the long side and the short side.

Next year, William expects a recession and the resulting rate cuts to weigh heavily on the stock market, especially in the first half of the year. Thank the deep yield-curve inversion, seasonal weakness, and the coming presidential election for that.

The seasonal patterns will continue to be a guide for William in 2024, with a close eye on the macro world to see what’s driving prices up or down.

Click here to read my exclusive interview with William with all the details.

John Jagerson, editor of Predictive Alpha Prime, used A.I. to trade the markets all year long.

And he’s still using it to chart the course forward for next year.

John warned of another year rife with volatility. He advised traders stick to the short term, and not to discount the impact of higher rates on not just stocks, but everything that makes up the financial world.

Most of all, he’s worried investors are still underestimating the impact of A.I. on market sectors across the board.

But as always, these are all just as much opportunities as they are challenges. And armed with the power of TradeSmith in-house A.I. agent An-E, John’s prepared to handle anything the market throws our way.

Click here to see John’s full thoughts about trading with A.I. in the new year.

Andy Swan, founder of LikeFolio, is ready for the next wave of A.I. stock gains.

And he doesn’t think they’ll come from the same place as before…

We’re past the “picks and shovels” stage, where semiconductor companies reigned supreme as the A.I. trade to make. Now, companies are learning to use A.I. to create efficiencies nobody ever thought possible. And those companies are going to attract huge investment from Wall Street and Main Street.

The best thing about Andy is that he’ll show his subscribers which companies to buy before anyone else, with the help of his proprietary social-media-scanning algorithm.

Check out his Roundtable video right here for his 2024 plan.

That wraps up this year’s Roundtable.

And now, we turn it to you…

Which of our experts’ takes on the year ahead did you most agree with? Are you planning to trade with their advice, or chart your own path?

As always, write in to [email protected] with your thoughts, and we’ll look to share them with your fellow subscribers.

To your health and wealth,

Michael Salvatore
Michael Salvatore
Editor, TradeSmith Daily