Roundtable 2023: Kickoff with Keith Kaplan

By TradeSmith Research Team

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Roundtable 2023: Kickoff with Keith Kaplan

By Michael Salvatore, Editor, TradeSmith Daily

Keith Kaplan was right on the money in last year’s Roundtable.

He said we’d end 2023 higher than where we started.

The market slid for the first quarter… made a stupendous, A.I.-driven recovery… slumped again between summer and fall…

But sure enough, barring any unexpected shocks, we’re set to not only end the year higher, but at all-time highs.

Though, before he makes any forecasts for 2024, Keith wants you to make one thing your absolute top priority: Keep risk at the top of your mind. He’ll share more on that in the video below.

But just as important, Keith’s here to introduce you to the team of analysts you’ll hear from all this week — giving you a sneak peek at what’s to come.

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Michael Salvatore
Michael Salvatore
Editor, TradeSmith Daily