The “AI Superstar” Stock That Wall Street’s Big Money Is Buying – Today

By TradeSmith Editorial Staff

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Artificial intelligence “bots” passed final exams from Stanford Medical School and the elite Wharton School of Business. They’ve created entire video games – “in minutes.” AI has even developed new strategies for fighting wildfires – a $50 billion global problem whose choking effects Americans experienced just this month.

Each of these achievements grabbed headlines. Each story triggered a “what if” and “what’s next” feeling of wonder and intrigue. And each one reminded us that the “AI Era” is very much in its infancy.

Folks just can’t get enough of AI right now.

And that’s not just my opinion.

According to a brand-new report by Digital Adoption, internet searches on AI zoomed 2½ times in the first five months of the year – from 17 million in January to 42 million in May.

But as Forbes recently noted, it’s the “mind-blowing” stuff that’s grabbing the headlines and garnering most of the attention.

And the more mundane (but no less valuable) AI achievements are being overlooked.

And I get that… I really do.

The AI capabilities that are part and parcel of everyday life don’t seem as interesting.

They’re routine.

They lack flash.

They’re as bland as plain yogurt.

But it’s a mistake to overlook those achievements.

Just as it’s a mistake to overlook the companies that make those “routine” advances possible.

I’m talking about companies known as “productivity providers” that are using splashes of AI innovation to supercharge what they do with their current technology.

We’re going to tell you about two under-the-radar “AI Superstars” here today.

More Than a Spreadsheet

Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) is the first firm.

Back in 1985, when Microsoft released Excel for Apple’s Macintosh computer, it was a game-changing moment for anyone who had been stuck tracking sales, organizing budgets, or creating forecasts in an old-fashioned, handwritten ledger.


Just two years later, Microsoft followed up with an updated Excel that was the first version to run on its new Windows operating system.

The rest, as they say, is history – with more than 730,000 businesses using Excel in the United States alone.

Today, Excel’s make-numbers-easier capabilities are often taken for granted – with folks viewing it as just “a spreadsheet.”

But if you step back and think about Excel’s true power – organizing inputted data with simple commands – you can see Microsoft’s long-term vision: It wasn’t just an “efficiency-enhancer,” it was an early AI super tool.

Microsoft actually said as much in its early ads:


And what Excel is really saying here is “Give me the data and give me the parameters… and I’ll take it from there.”

That is pretty much a “descriptor” of what the headline-making (and Microsoft-backed) AI bot known as ChatGPT actually does today – decades after this ad ran.

And now, decades after Excel’s initial release, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says the company is giving its “spreadsheet” and other software and services a full ”AI makeover” – so users can create value from data like never before.

This may not ignite the same buzzy headlines as a chatbot passing a med-school exam. But for a software-industry veteran like me, advances like these absolutely are exciting. And absolutely will have an impact.

So I can tell you – without a doubt – that Microsoft is an “AI superstar” stock. And this bit of knowledge gives you a real “edge” over other folks who continue to look for investment plays in those hype-driven headlines.

But Microsoft isn’t the only “AI Superstar” stock that’s hidden in plain sight.

There’s a second company I want to tell you about today.

And Jason Bodner, the inventor of the Quantum Edge system, says “Big Money” buy signals have been flashing all over the place for this specific stock.

This $227 Billion Company Was Birthed in a California Garage

So here are a couple of trivia points about this company, which a guy named John Warnock started in 1982:
  • Steve Jobs tried to buy the garage-started venture that year but settled for shares purchased at five times the company’s estimated value.
  • It achieved “mythical” status as a Silicon Valley startup that turned a profit in its first year.
  • It was named for the stream that meandered behind Warnock’s house – Adobe Creek.
Now known as Adobe Inc. (ADBE), the company got its start by developing a specialized software called PostScript that became an international standard for computer printing. Adobe then developed an array of software and services and was the creator of the Portable Document Format, an international standard we all refer to by its acronym – “PDF.”

Then there’s the company’s flagship product: Adobe Photoshop.

Reportedly used by over 90% of the world’s creative professionals, the image tool is so ubiquitous that it’s now a synonym for images that look too perfect; we say they look “photoshopped.”

Sometime this year, Adobe Photoshop will get an “AI upgrade” through the launch of the tool Generative Fill, which will allow users to add or remove objects using text prompts.

In an AI demo video, Adobe shows how easy it is to move a deer from the woods:

To the city:

And you can do this in seconds – saving time and money even as you elevate the creativity of all you do.

And Wall Street’s Big Money players see the dollar-sign potential of Adobe’s latest innovation.

The power of Jason’s system is that you can see where the heavyweights and financial titans– the hedge funds and power players whose millions of dollars move stocks – are putting their money. And you can see this in real-time.

As Jason has proved time and again, you can trounce the market averages by following the “smart money.” In fact, audited back tests show that his system beats the market by a factor of 7-to-1.

And here’s a taste of what he’s seeing now – with Adobe.

Just in the last 30 days alone, 13 buy signals flashed in Jason’s Quantum Edge system:

Here’s how that stacks up against some of the other “hot” AI stocks right now: Nvidia Corp. (NVDA) has had five buy signals over the last 30 days and Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) has had six.

And AI is more than just a topical trend for Adobe to ride, as CFO Dan Durn said that AI should be a multi-decade driver of revenue-and-profit growth.

Now, there will be some “AI lottery tickets” that could pay off.

But you don’t have to search that far. And you don’t have to take on that risk.

You can make money from AI in the “here and now” – with established firms that have the cash to invest in AI innovation and the track record to prove that these outlays will pay off.

Companies like Adobe, that Big Money investors are pouring cash into right now.

That gives you a massive competitive edge over the other investors who are taking “lotto-ticket” fliers on hype-fueled stories.

That’s Jason’s inside scoop on AI… and what the smart money on Wall Street is doing right now.