The “Dark Pools” Where Big Money Flows

By TradeSmith Research Team

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How do you turn small money into big money?

It’s a question we all try to answer with every trade we make. And while there’s no definitive “right” answer, there is one strategy you can almost always bank on.

You have to buy the same stocks that major institutional players are buying.

Considering the resources and talent behind major Wall Street firms, following their moves is a near-foolproof method to making money.

But for most people, it’s impossible to do.

These firms move under the radar, trading in “dark pools”: secretive and tightly controlled exchanges where what they buy, how much, the price they pay, and even who they are is not publicly available.

These deep, murky trenches of capital conceal the greatest wealth-building mystery the financial world has to offer: the ticker symbol of the next potential millionaire-maker stock.

That is, they used to…

One incredibly talented analyst and former Wall Street insider, who we’re proud to call part of our network, has swam in the dark pools himself. Some even say he was instrumental in building them.

And he’s used this experience, brokering deals for mega-rich investors, to identify the telltale signs of a big-money transaction and follow them for huge gains.

His name is Jason Bodner. And today, I’ll show you how he built a system specifically designed to catch dark pool trading activity… and ride those signals in the best-quality stocks to help everyday investors hang with the billionaires.

Swimming in the Dark Pools

To understand why Jason is so effective at sniffing out dark-pool activity, you have to understand the power he held during his time on Wall Street.

He previously worked at what his firm, Cantor Fitzgerald, called “central command” — a desk overseeing a trading floor filled with throngs of prominent Wall Street dealmakers.

From here, he and his firm would regularly trade millions of shares of stock in a single day. And it was from this spot that Jason got a life-changing phone call.

A client, operating under the veil of secrecy, needed Jason to find $2 million worth of shares in a specific company. Jason quickly found them… but the client wanted more.

By the end of the day, the client had bought up $22 million in shares. The next day, another $22 million. And then the next day. And the next…

Over the course of a month, this client bought over 20 million shares of this one stock, worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Turns out, this mysterious client was on a mission to buy up as much of this stock as possible from Jason and other competing brokerages. By the end of the month, this single investor owned 13% of the company, worth billions of dollars.

The stock soon went flying higher, up 70% from where Jason started seeking out shares for this mysterious client.

It was in that moment that Jason understood the near-divine power of money flow.

This stock was surging because a billionaire investor was taking a massive position well before the public knew about it. By the time word got out, the biggest money had already been made.

Jason learned how to spot the signs of huge institutional money flow because of this experience.

And ever since he left Wall Street, he’s used this edge in his analysis to uncover huge gains for his readers.

The Power of Big Money Signals

Jason’s taken everything he’s learned about institutional order flow and condensed it into a simple signal — what he calls the Big Money buy signal.

When Jason sees this signal, he’s fully confident that a major Wall Street institution has made a move in a dark pool. And what almost always comes next is a surge in the stock price.

Take Tesla (TSLA), for instance.

Jason’s system identified major institutional buy signals in TSLA stock all the way back at the start of 2020. So, Jason recommended buying TSLA.

I know what you’re thinking, but the pandemic crash that occurred two months later didn’t change a thing. And ultimately, TSLA stock ran 684% higher from Jason’s signal.

Not long after, in April of 2020, Jason’s system highlighted Fiverr International (FVRR), which went on to surge 495%.

But you should know, Jason’s system isn’t relegated to tech stocks.

Here’s a stock his system found in the energy sector back in 2022, before anyone knew that energy would be the big winner that year.

Scorpio Tankers (STNG), for 310% gains…

And it even finds stocks you wouldn’t expect to surge, like small-cap cosmetics company e.l.f. Beauty (ELF) from last year, which his system flagged before it ripped 182%.

But institutional capital isn’t the only thing Jason needs to see before he recommends a stock. It’s just the first step.

Jason also screens for stocks with sublime fundamental health… and a strong technical uptrend. All the institutional capital in the world doesn’t mean a thing if a stock doesn’t tick these boxes.

As a TradeSmith Platinum subscriber, you should take comfort in knowing you already have access to Jason’s signals and all the recommendations that come from it in Quantum Edge Pro.

Jason’s set to release new two research reports to current subscribers, detailing six new opportunities to follow institutional dark pool trades. Keep an eye on your inbox for when those release, and check out Jason’s latest updates right here.

To your health and wealth,

Michael Salvatore
Michael Salvatore
Editor, TradeSmith Daily