The Debt Ceiling Drama

By TradeSmith Editorial Staff

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After President Joe Biden and Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy talked last weekend, it appeared financial disaster had been averted and the debt ceiling drama was coming to an end:

A debt-ceiling deal would represent the true “all clear” signal investors have been seeking: It would remove at least just one piece of uncertainty and let investors focus on such “what comes next” moments like the mid-June Federal Reserve meeting on interest rates.

President Biden and McCarthy are confident the deal will pass when put to a vote – most likely today. But an undercurrent of worry lingers as opposition from both parties remains:

This is all coming down to the wire, as Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says June 5 is the latest the government will be able to pay its bills without selling new bonds.

But no matter what happens next, I want you to be prepared, which is why I’m sharing special research from TradeSmith’s John Jagerson – one of the industry’s top experts on options and income acceleration.

In less than five minutes, John will walk you through the nuances of the deal, talk about likely outcomes, and give you options to consider. In this focused report, John will explain:
  • What happens if a deal doesn’t pass (Hint: John says it’s really bad for businesses for one key reason).
  • The immediate impact on stock prices if the deal does pass (John has data from the last debt ceiling crisis in 2011 that you won’t want to miss).
  • And what will play out over the next one to three months (Bulls and bears will want to see this).
You can access all of that insight by clicking the Play button in the image below: