The Four Real Reasons Crypto Will Keep Rolling

By TradeSmith Editorial Staff

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What a summer for dramatic headlines…right when we’d rather all just lay out on the beach. Instead, our phones are blowing up with news alerts.

Even the U.S. economy, which is not supposed to be a riveting topic, is jerking us around these days…

Yay! The Fed won’t raise rates anymore. (Probably.) Boo! Fitch downgraded America’s “credit score” from AAA to AA+.

Times like these, it’s tempting to trade on our gut reactions — emotion — instead of on facts and data.

But emotion is the enemy…especially in such a volatile market. You don’t want to be another lemming following the crowd off a cliff.

The pros have their secrets for avoiding ruinous distractions at the most critical junctures.

They know how it spot the major events — triggers that create opportunity… and profit.

Today, you’ll hear from Joe Shew, our Senior Crypto Analyst, whose area of the market is undergoing a dramatic shift — for the better — as Wall Street firms like BlackRock, Fidelity and VanEck are clambering over each other to corner the market on crypto.

I’ve known — and worked with — Joe Shew for several years now. So, I can tell you that his ability to find order in the chaos is Joe’s superpower.

One great recent example: When the two-and-a-half-year-long court case involving Ripple (XRP) was suddenly decided — in Ripple’s favor.

Ripple is controversial, especially within the crypto community itself. And its fans had been burned before by holding the crypto long term through all the legal drama.

But on July 6, Joe recognized a great short-term trade shaping up, and told his subscribers to “Ride the Short-Term Ripple.” Just a week later, the judge handed down her decision on Ripple, and the trade made 89% overnight.

And what Joe is saying now is to position for a whole new era in crypto…in all the best ways.

There are always naysayers who try to tell you that cryptocurrency is just a meme or a fad.

If it was, they’d have been right that “crypto was dead” back in 2022…or 2018…or 2014… Yet here we are.

Cryptocurrency has proved itself over and over as an alternative asset class. One that opens the door to a whole new way of doing business. One that’s served as a “flight-to-quality” winner when things turn bad.

And its advantages over the current system are what sustain crypto through every bear market it’s faced.

The people in power can try their best to paper over the holes. But they’re still there. And in a crisis like the regional-bank failures in March — or any number of scandals and controversies with Big Tech companies — the problems are laid bare for everyone to see.

The solution? Invest in crypto projects with make-a-difference technology, forward-thinking leadership, and vision-of-the-future game plans to meet these challenges.

Watch Joe’s video now for the four biggest problems we face today and how crypto solves them.