The Profit Column: 100% Gains in 2024, and More to Come

By TradeSmith Research Team

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In September, we asked all-star stock picker Jason Bodner a simple, but daunting question.

“If you had to put $1 million of your own money into a single stock, which would it be?”

$1 million is a lot of money to pretty much anyone. Even to a centi-millionaire, it’s like asking to put 1% of your entire net worth into one stock.

Safe to say, committing such a sum to a single ticker begs serious conviction. But Jason, with little hesitation, chose a stock that’s up 100% in 2024 alone… and even more since his call.

That stock is Super Micro Computer (SMCI). If you’re anything like me, you only just got familiar with this name in the past six months.

But Jason’s incredible stock-picking system can sniff out institutional money flows wherever they might hide and picked up on SMCI all the way back in the depths of the 2022 bear market. Buying it on that signal would’ve resulted in a 10-bagger.

Jason shows it all in this week’s Profit Column video interview, including an inside look at the algorithmic system that powers his recommendations in TradeSmith Investment Report and Quantum Edge Pro<.

Jason currently pens two research advisories for TradeSmith: TradeSmith Investment Report and Quantum Edge Pro.

The former is a great place for new investors to get started. Every month, Jason uses his proprietary system to scan the market and find mid-cap growth stocks in the “Goldilocks zone” of bullish momentum, sterling fundamentals, and institutional interest. That’s the place he first shared his million-dollar pick with readers… and which briefly held a 100% win rate ahead of the Fed’s press conference on Wednesday (details in the video above.)

Quantum Edge Pro, meanwhile, taps into the smaller-cap side of the market… finding the growth stories of tomorrow that most investors don’t hear about until they’re bold-faced headlines at the top of Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal.

It’s also where Jason’s knowledge of Dark Pools comes into full effect, in a way that’s best heard straight from Jason himself in this presentation.

I’ll keep close contact with Jason as the year carries on, filling you in on the broad moves of institutional capital by way of his Big Money Index, which we’ve shared in the past.

Until then, consider using any dips in the market on interest-rate fears as an opportunity to load up on the quality stocks Jason recommends to his readers.

To your health and wealth,

Michael Salvatore
Editor, TradeSmith Daily