The Profit Column: Building the Dark Pool

By TradeSmith Research Team

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Our quantitative stock-picking expert Jason Bodner…

Who built a “dark pool” network to broker transactions from multibillion-dollar clients…

And since then, has used this data and his own proprietary indicators to design a system that beat the market 7-to-1 since 1990…

Began his career as a musician.

I’d bet good money you weren’t expecting that.

But it didn’t take long for Jason to understand that passions don’t always pay the bills. So he stuck his foot in the door at Cantor Fitzgerald, and quickly took to the financial world.

Jason’s story is as fascinating as he is. And people with great stories tend to be fun to talk to one-on-one.

So this week in The Profit Column, we’re bringing you a brand-new video interview with Jason Bodner so he can show you exactly how he built one of the early dark pools… and how he’s using that knowledge to set a high bar for stock-picking returns.

We hope you enjoy.

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Michael Salvatore
Michael Salvatore
Editor, TradeSmith Daily