The Profit Column: The Dawn of a New Crypto Bull

By TradeSmith Research Team

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By Michael Salvatore, Editor, TradeSmith Daily

Eight years ago, when I knew much less than I know today about financial markets, I placed a few hundred bucks in Bitcoin and what’s now the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, Ethereum.

I did this because of an event called the halving, which I learned had the potential to grow those stakes manyfold.

The year that followed was one of the biggest wealth-creation events of my life to date. And along with everyone here at TradeSmith, I want the next year to be just the same for you.

That’s why, for this week’s Profit Column, we’re talking to Luke Lango, cryptocurrency expert and senior investment analyst at our corporate partner InvestorPlace.

Luke has a strong track record of securing multi-bagger gains in the crypto market for his readers. And today, we’ll discuss the halving event coming in less than two months, why this bull market could stretch well into 2025, and why right now is still the best time to build a portfolio of high-quality, non-bitcoin cryptos before they rocket higher.

Luke’s premium crypto research advisory, Ultimate Crypto, is the best place I know of to get high-quality crypto research that’ll help you make the most of the coming bull run.

This cycle has started with a bang, but it’s still only just started.

And if you want to not only ride the coming wave higher, but take profits at an ideal time before it comes crashing down, go right here and learn all there is to learn about Ultimate Crypto.

To your health and wealth,

Michael Salvatore
Editor, TradeSmith Daily