The Rare Few Stocks to Buy in May

By Michael Salvatore

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The “sell in May and go away” headlines are right around the corner.

And who can blame the media machine for using them? It’s one of few folksy market mantras with historical merit. Stock returns from May to October are traditionally poor compared to the November-to-April period.

But I asked myself: Can that be true of every single stock? Surely not…

Today, in a special video analysis with contributing editor Lucas Downey, we answer the question of what stocks are actually worth buying even through the traditionally bearish period that’s fast approaching.

The answer may surprise you… And give you a great bundle of high-quality names for your watchlist.

And what’s more, we check in on our November call to get bullish… and take stock of what impact major geopolitical events – like what’s happening in the Middle East – actually have on the stock market.