There’s Always a Place for Investors to Make Money – and Jason Bodner Knows Where to Look

By TradeSmith Research Team

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There’s a saying that it takes a genius to take something complicated and make it simple. That’s exactly what Jason Bodner has done in Quantum Edge Pro.

Jason uses proprietary algorithms, trading tools, and extensive backtesting to turn something that’s complicated into something simple but very powerful: seeing where “Big Money” is investing in real time and telling his subscribers how to piggyback off those moves to make money.

No matter how you feel about current market conditions, there’s always a place for investors to make money… if you know where to look.

And Jason knows where to look.

I recently sat down with Jason and asked him to share more details about how his system works, as well as his thoughts on a few key topics that I know are weighing on our readers’ minds:

  • If a soft landing is possible
  • How many more rate hikes we can expect
  • When tech stocks could rally
You can hear all of this by clicking on the play button below: