This First-Ever Bubble Is About to Pop – And You Can Make a Lot of Money

By TradeSmith Research Team

Who doesn’t love cash?

Cash is king.

So it’s weird, then, to think about too much cash being a problem.

But it is.

It actually costs you over time because it loses value, and the difference is startling.

If you had put $3,000 into a shoebox in 1940, you could pull that box off the shelf today and find the same $3,000.

Here’s the first problem: Adjusted for inflation, that $3,000 should be worth nearly $65,000. That’s already a huge loss.

And now the absolutely mind-blowing part: If you had invested that $3,000 into the S&P 500 in 1940, it would be worth more than $18 million today.

Understanding this is more important than ever because we are in the late stages of America’s first-ever “cash bubble.

Most investors are unprepared for what’s coming next, but those who are prepared could see their portfolios skyrocket because of the unique way it will end.

Prepare for Panic Buying

It’s no secret that jittery investors fled to cash in 2022 and 2023, more than any other time in history. As a result, uninvested cash has reached epic levels – an all-time record of nearly $6 trillion dollars.

We can compare this bubble to other financial bubbles in the past: Black Tuesday in 1929, The Tech Bubble in the 90s, The Stock Market Boom in the 2000s, and the recent Bitcoin Bubble in 2019.

The one thing they had in common is that they all burst. Most went pop with panic selling, in which investors scrambled to get their cash back.

But this is a cash bubble, which means it has to burst with a buying panic as investors try to get out of cash and into assets.

When rates start to fall – which they already have, though the big catalyst could come any day now – that massive mountain of cash won’t earn as much interest.

And when stocks start to move – which they already have – where do you think that cash will go?

This means a small window has now opened for everyday Americans to get positioned ahead of this cash bubble bursting.

You’ll want to move into stocks that my research shows are set to soar.

Flagging the Best Stocks

There are well over 6,000 publicly listed U.S. stocks.

And I can tell you from doing this a long time, a lot of them will not do well… even with the cash bubble bursting and money flooding into stocks.

I’ve spent decades and hundreds of thousands of dollars of my own money developing a system that will give me an informational edge in the markets. It starts with hundreds of data points for each individual stock. To this day, my system looks at 1.3 million data points every day.

Over my decades on Wall Street, I’ve picked the brains of some of the most successful investors, and I refined all of those data points down to just 29 factors that best predict a stock’s future price movement.

I then tweaked the recipe – a pinch more of this, a dash less of that – until extensive testing gave me the results I wanted.

The proof is clear: More than 30 years of results show that by accessing the right data and analyzing it the right way, my system identifies moneymaking stocks with stunning accuracy and beats the market by an outstanding 7-to-1.

Like the monster 1,951% move in Tesla from 2019-2021. (And by the way, TSLA again rates well in my system today.)

And as this cash bubble gets ready to burst, my system continues flagging the best-positioned stocks that have big money flowing into them.

These are the top-ranked stocks with muscular fundamentals, strong technicals, and inflows from hedge funds and institutions.

And guess what? Those big boys will be redeploying some of their cash, too.

Talk soon,

Jason Bodner
Editor, Jason Bodner’s Power Trends

P.S. This is the first opportunity of its kind – a chance to own the highest-rated stocks before a tsunami of cash washes over the market.

In fact, my system signaled “buy alerts” on the three top plays you should get into as of today. These are the stocks to get positioned in before this Cash Bubble bursts and the stock market booms.

I’ve put all the details in a report called, Three Stocks To Move Your Cash Into NOW.

I also recorded a special presentation explaining the cash bubble, how it will end, and three steps you can take now to make sure you’re ready. You can view it here.