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TradeStops® allows you to manage your portfolio with hedge fund-level insights specifically designed for the individual investor

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Portfolio Management

Bank-level encryption security allows you to safely sync your financial portfolio in a few easy steps.

  • Sync:

    Import your portfolio from a large selection of online brokerage firms or manually create your own portfolio.

  • Volatility Quotient:*

    TradeStops® immediately analyzes the individual volatility quotient of each position in your portfolio.

  • Stock State Indicator:

    Our Stock State Indicators (green-yellow-red light system) will show you which of your positions fall outside of a healthy state of volatility.

* The Volatility Quotient, or VQ%, tells you how volatile a stock is – in other words, how much room you can give a stock in order to not get stopped out too early.

Risk Management

Most investors have no idea how much risk they’re taking. Use our risk management tools to strike the right amount of risk in your portfolio.

  • Portfolio Volatility Quotient:

    Our PVQ Analyzer reveals the entire volatility quotient of your entire portfolio and graphically shows you how invested you are in low-, medium- and high-risk stock

  • Asset Allocation:

    Graphically displays the diversification of your portfolio across different industries and sectors of the market. Helps minimize risk when a particular sector or broader market group is experiencing high volatility.

  • Risk Rebalancer:

    Provides next steps to achieve equalized risk adjustment to your portfolio. Delivers the tremendous advantage of identifying unbalanced position sizes such as large positions in very volatile stocks. Distributes available capital among stocks within a portfolio with regard to the stocks' Volatility Quotient (VQ)


Use our research tools to create and manage new portfolios, find out what works for you, and become a savvy investor.

  • Position Size Calculator:

    The TradeStops® Position Size Calculator helps you invest like the pros. It gives you an idea of how much risk you’re taking in each position and the number of shares you could purchase depending on the risk you’ve determined is right for you.

  • Billionaires Portfolios:

    Now, you can easily track the investments of some of the world’s greatest trading gurus and high-profile billionaires. Buffett, Gates, Ackman, Soros and Einhorn – their portfolios are all here, and many more. Easily accessible from the TradeStops® Newsletter section.

  • Pure Quant:

    Pure Quant helps create a fully optimized, risk-balanced or low-risk portfolio in just a few clicks. Customize your analysis to include the amount to invest and how many positions you want in your new optimized portfolio.

How Tradestops® by TradeSmithTM Works


Friendly, knowledgeable U.S.-based Customer Success Team is ready to help. Call or email.


Easy-to-follow, onscreen instructions ensure simple account setup. Plus, we're here to help with any questions.


Easy portfolio integration. Synchronize with your brokerage account or add stocks directly.

TradeStops® By TradeSmithTM is a SaaS program that empowers individual investors with the tools to monitor their investments and mitigate their risks like a professional.

You will be able to:

Trust math & push fear aside

Emotions like fear, regret, and greed cause investors to leave money on the table or, even worse, lose much, much more than they should. The TradeStops® algorithm helps protect you against these destructive emotions and harness your good emotions for investing.

Let our alerts guide the way

Research shows that investors tend to sell their winners too soon, and hold on to their losers much too long. TradeStops® alerts are designed to help you make smarter decisions and avoid the temptation to abandon your winners too soon, and stick with losers too long.

It’s in good hands – yours

Taking control of your investing means making decisions based on data and discipline, not gut feelings. TradeStops® puts the investment tools, analytics, and critical alerts in your hands, to help you better manage the performance of your portfolio.

Work around your biases

Investors tend to trust information that support the things they already believe, and ignore information that contradicts those beliefs. TradeStops® helps evaluate data more effectively, without bias, to help you make smarter decisions.

"Wow...I love this service....will definitely continue after trial....I am saving money like crazy by not selling profits too soon (this was my worst trading habit — grab profits right away) I feel safe letting profits ride and increase. Thanks!"

About TradesmithTM

TradeSmith’s suite of powerful investment tools and in-depth research empowers the individual investor to take control of their financial future. Whether you’re just starting out on your investing journey or already a seasoned pro, your experience at TradeSmith will make you a better investor.

The TradeSmith Mission

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