[VIDEO] Must-See Urgent Briefing from TradeSmith’s Newest Senior Analyst

By TradeSmith Editorial Staff

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Editor’s Note: I’m changing up what I planned to write to you about today in order to bring you a special, urgent briefing from our Senior Market Analyst, Mike Burnick. I know you’ll want – even need – to hear what he has to share with you today, so I’ll be brief, but please be sure to click on the video image below to view his six-minute special briefing.

Investors, by nature, are generally an optimistic lot. We like to believe that our stocks will keep going up, that markets can’t crash, and that “things are fine.”

The trouble starts when bad news overwhelms our upbeat view – and those “this-can-never-happen” events start coming true.

That optimistic nature that served us so well during a fair-weather market is now our worst enemy. We believe things won’t get worse. We experience a good market day amid the chaos and feel like things are fine again. We believe that stock we’re holding on to just has to go back up again.

The truth is, during tough market stretches, folks are paralyzed. They don’t know what to do, so they do nothing – and end up getting burned because of that inaction.

Given the backdrop we face right now – the worst inflation in 40 years, the war in Ukraine, the looming Federal Reserve meeting, concerns about cryptocurrency regulations – this latest tough market stretch is potentially one of the most uncertain we’ve seen.

But that’s not necessarily a trigger for fear. As a longtime investor and a successful entrepreneur, I view things not as “good versus bad” but as problems to be solved. And problems with a solution are actually opportunities.

Big opportunities.

That’s why I’m bringing you this special, urgent alert. Our Senior Market Analyst, Mike Burnick, is one of the top experts you’ll find on inflation and its impact on stocks, on capitalizing on market uncertainty, and on grabbing big returns while squeezing risk to minuscule levels.

In this free, special briefing, Mike shares his latest views on the latest events – not just on what’s happening but on what those events mean for you and your investments. He’ll talk about his wealth-building income strategy, the solution that I believe is tailored to this market. And he’ll invite you to his free special event next week, which can help get you started.

If you’re worried about what we’re watching unfold in the news, in the markets, and in our wallets – and we all are – this is something I believe you need to see.

Once you hear what Mike has to say, I’m confident your innate optimism will return as your uncertainty disappears.