Wall Street Is Using This Super-Powerful New Technology to Beat You: It’s About Time You Started Defending Yourself

By TradeSmith Editorial Staff

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Ever since ChatGPT put AI on the radar of millions of people, I’ve had people ask me what it means for investors.

Is AI good or bad?

Should I be scared of AI?

I know a lot of people are scared of AI. They immediately go to the scary Hollywood version of AI: “The Terminator.” “The Matrix.” HAL, from “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

In the minds of a lot of people, AI is something that will turn on us violently… or at least take our jobs. So they have no interest in applying it to their investment strategy.

I feel sorry for these people. I worry they are destined to lose big money to a powerful financial enemy they never see.

Because you know who does use AI?

Do you know who brings massive computational firepower to the battlefield that is the stock market?

Do you know who employs some of the world’s best data scientists?

Wall Street does.

Wall Street has “weaponized” AI and data science to pick the pockets of regular investors — every day.

If you’re not using AI or some advanced kind of data analytics, you are using Stone Age technology to fight a Space Age war.

You are a caveman with a spear going up against an F-16 fighter.

You have no shot at winning.

Here’s what is happening whether you like it or not.

NASA Has Nothing on the Stock Market

On any given business day, the financial market is flooded with billions of different data points that reflect shifting economic conditions. Many of these data points update every second.

You have stock price moves, currency moves, commodity moves, interest rate moves, earnings reports, and countless other variables.

Every time a stock price changes even a little bit, it creates a butterfly effect that changes other asset prices.

All that trading activity generates some of the biggest and most complex data sets on the planet.

Now here’s how being the financial equivalent of a caveman dooms the vast majority of investors and traders…

These folks use the human brain to process and analyze all that data — which is crazy… and dooms them to losing.

The human brain is a wonderful thing. It has allowed us to invent incredible things like the printing press and smartphones. It has allowed us to create beautiful music and art.

The human brain is the reason we’re here.

However, when it comes to processing and analyzing millions of data points, the human brain is laughably feeble and ineffective compared to a supercomputer running AI and advanced data analytics.

There’s simply no comparison.

The supercomputer is literally millions of times better at taking in huge amounts of data and making sense of it.

Despite this, the vast majority of traders enter the financial arena armed with just their brains. They go up against Wall Street, which employs the most advanced data analysis technology on the planet. The result is that the market chews them up and spits them out.

I won’t sugarcoat how things work in the financial markets.

It’s not a nice place. It’s a war zone.

When you go into the financial markets, you are going up against the world’s smartest, most ruthless people.

These people have the best training. They’re armed with the best information — and they often cheat. They are working 24/7 to take your money.

And they’re very good at what they do. That’s why they own $10 million vacation homes in the Hamptons and drive around in Ferraris.

If you hope to compete against those people and win, you need to be armed to the teeth with massive data-processing firepower.

You need the ability to process and analyze insane amounts of data. And your brain simply can’t do that on its own.

Someone who depends on the human brain to analyze and select their trades isn’t taking a knife to a gunfight, as the old saying goes. They’re taking a knife to a fight where the other side has laser-guided missiles.

The guy with the knife loses the fight and never even sees the other side. He takes one step on the field of battle and gets obliterated instantly.

This is where AI and massive data-processing firepower comes in.

At TradeSmith, we’ve spent over $19 million and over 11,000 man-hours developing our market analysis algorithms.

We have a staff of 36 people developing and maintaining our software and data systems. Our systems run day and night, processing information and spotting major opportunities.

All that work, all that time, and all that expense is devoted to a single goal: giving our members the data-processing firepower they need to crush the markets and beat Wall Street at its own game.

Over the past few articles, I’ve shown how our latest “trading superweapon” works and how it can provide you with a huge edge in the markets. I hope you put it or something similar to work in your own portfolio. Wall Street certainly is. It’s time you leveled the playing field and started trading with the AI edge.

And as a Platinum member, you have a wide range of AI trading tools already at your fingertips — and there are more still to come.