A Powerful Signal Just Went Off for Bitcoin (Pay Attention to This)

By Chris Lillard

Below is one of the most compelling Bitcoin (BTC) charts you’ll ever see:

Let me explain what you’re looking at here:

  • The Dark Gray Line represents the Bitcoin Price over time.
  • The Blue Line represents the One-Year moving average of “Buying Bitcoin” Mentions on social media, capturing Consumer Buzz on a longer-term scale.
  • The Green Lines represent the 90-day and 30-day moving averages of “Buying Bitcoin” Mentions on social media, capturing Consumer Buzz on shorter-term time scales.

Now, take another look at the chart — and pay close attention to the areas where the green lines cross the blue line (in either direction):

Note what happens to the price of Bitcoin: It tends to follow.

How much folks are buzzing about Bitcoin on social media is a leading indicator of where the BTC price could head next — and right now, we’re seeing a rapid uptick in chatter…

For the first time since May of 2020, just before Bitcoin’s meteoric rise from $10,000 to well over $60,000, those green lines are screaming higher, crossing the one-year moving average to the upside.

Could this be the start of the next 3x, 4x, 5x, or maybe even a larger move?

It sure could. And I’ll tell you why.

See, May 2020 was significant for Bitcoin for another reason: It’s the last time we had a “Bitcoin halving” event, a major catalyst that occurs every four years to effectively reduce the number of bitcoins that get released into the supply.

Supply tightens, demand increases, and the price of BTC surges. It’s happened every four years since the first halving in 2012.

The next Bitcoin halving is coming in 2024.

And that means it’s time to get excited, folks.