Investing Takeaways You May Have Missed

By Chris Lillard

Investing Takeaways You May Have Missed

Ahead of the Federal Reserve meeting this past week, JPMorgan Chase had a special advantage up its sleeve: an AI model that can “read” Fed sentiment, analyze it, and start executing trades based on how dovish or hawkish the Fed’s statements are. But JPMorgan isn’t the only company using AI to gain an investing edge. Here at TradeSmith, we’ve been developing tools to give everyday investors the game-changing insights they need to make better decisions. We recently explained how four of these tools work — including a new AI breakthrough that soon could become our flagship product.

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In a market as treacherous as this one, deciding when to cash in on profits can be a challenge. Do you sell your shares now and chance missing out on greater gains to come? Or do you risk holding out and watching those profits drain away? Wall Street veteran Jason Bodner is no stranger to this conundrum, and he recently explained some shrewd strategies for getting the most out of your positions and minimizing risk.

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